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Red Sparrow

If the cast of any film is selected carefully, the picture can be of any genre, but it will exactly be liked by the audience. In an upcoming movie Red Sparrow, a spy thriller with secret penetrations into the enemy camp, secret meetings and all...


Climate change issues disturb a lot of people today, and against the background of these concerns in the near future will be presented a new film Geostorm, an action movie with elements of science fiction, which tells about climate change and...

The Snowman

When it comes to crime dramas, involuntarily come to mind stories of the police officers, valiantly fighting against evil, and, as a rule, successfully coping with their tasks. A similar situation will be in a new British film The Snowman, a movie...

The Commuter

If you remember all the films, which take place in a confined space, many of the paintings clearly deserve the viewer’s attention. A similar situation will be presented to the audience in a new thriller The Commuter, a film with elements of...

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The public remembers a large number of filmed stories based on Stephen King’s novels, and some of them like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, etc. have become real masterpieces and are impersonation of contemporary cinematograph. Another...

The Circle

The Circle is a sci-fi drama film planned for the release in spring of this year. The direction matters are carried out by James Ponsoldt. The idea of the film is based on the novel with the same title published in 2013 by Dave Eggers. The cast of...

Bad Dads

Bad Dads is a comedy project planned for the release in the middle of summer 2017. The project is still in development and there’s not enough info about in the media. Even IMDb shares almost no info on the subject. Let’s evaluate what we’ve managed...

The House

The House is a comedy project about the inventive family couple planned for the release this mid-summer. That’s an American project created under the direction of Andrew J. Cohen. He also dealt with creation of the script together with Brendan...

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