Queen Boss Season 2

If there is anything the Centric channel is known for these days is reality shows. Perhaps, it’s is too pretentious to say it like that, as it makes it sound way more unusual than it is. But it’s the truth, and that’s what matters. A few months ago, Ora TV and the centric channel gave us one more competition show, Queen Boss. Produced under the tutelage of Ora TV, it will definitely not leave many people disappointed.

When should we expect a new episode? Hold your horses, it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. After all, it only started in January this year.

About the series

So, does this series have an intended audience? You bet they do. And it’s a very narrow niche on top of that. Nevertheless, we believe that black women who want to pursue the career of an entrepreneur, are not the only ones who will be interested in this show. That said, they are definitely among those who will be particularly interested to see this show. Again and again. Tracey Edmonds knows how to keep the attention of the audience.
Queen Boss Season 2 release date

What does this show resembles the most? Shark Tank is a very good comparison, but it’s not quite there. It’s too focused on ethical problems to make that comparison. But it’s still very business-centered, enough to not disregard it. It’s not just about the cast, the judges have to be very competent, and they are. They have seen a lot, they have done a lot, and now, they expect the contestant to do the same thing to impress them. Sounds exciting?
Queen Boss Season 2


Even if it sounds exciting to you, not many people have the same opinion, regrettably. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact this show was made with a target audience in mind. Perhaps, something else is at play here. Be it as it may, the show only scored 4.8 out of 10 on IMDB, which abysmally little. That’s what a niche means when it comes to popularity.

But if you are in that niche group, you will definitely like it. And the second season might appear yet! Who’s going to become the new Queen Boss and win the prize of $25,000? We will find that out. How soon? Now, that’s where you need to be a little patient.

The show wasn’t all that big, and although those for whom it was made are excited, many other viewers were less so. And it’s the rating that matters.

Will there be a Queen Boss Season 2 release date? It is yet unknown. But, should the producer make that choice, we will be the first to deliver this piece of information to you.

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