First Family of Hip Hop Season 2

If the music is something that inspires and gives new strength, then a new show First Family of Hip Hop on the channel Bravo is a project that does everything possible for such inspiration to emerge. The program represents the life of one family. Its members are passionate about working in a recording studio and devote all their spare time to this cause. Each of the members of this family invests the soul in this family business, and the audience sees the efforts of these people. After the end of the first season the creators have not yet talked about the possibilities of releasing a renewed part, so the audience still wants to know when First Family of Hip Hop season 2 will air. Release date hasn’t been mentioned yet, and the next part may probably be released soon, but exact terms of the coming of a new episode are still shrouded in mystery. If it happens, many lovers of the series will be grateful to the makers of the show, so everything many people need is just hearing that the program will return and being aware of the next season air date.

Producers Crew

The pilot season premiere was presented on TV not long ago, on January 15, 2017, and by today all the 8 episodes have aired (the last one was shown on March 19, 2017).
First Family of Hip Hop Season 2 date release

The people creating First Family of Hip Hop are executive producers working hard for the following season release date to be known as soon as possible. Their work cannot be overestimated, and these people are such as:

  • Danielle Medina;
  • Ken Druckerman;
  • Jan Medina;
  • Banks Tarver;
  • Ashley M. Buie;
  • Anneka Jones;
  • Banks Tarver.

The studios creating the program are Left/Right and Mad Fusion. The network presenting all the episodes of First Family of Hip Hop is Bravo.
First Family of Hip Hop Season 2

Brief Review and Cast

The Robinson family is committed to managing a music studio based in New Jersey and founded about forty years ago, which is a very long time. All the members of this family try to do everything possible to ensure that their business does not disappear; they try to promote it and advertise their studio to those who want to record music and share their creativity with people. These people have a very good goal, and many viewers probably have had time to appreciate it.

The participants of the show presented in the series (both family members and hosts) are the following people:

  • Leland Robinson Sr.;
  • Rhondo Robinson Jr.;
  • Lea Robinson;
  • Darnell Robinson;
  • Antonio Jordan;
  • Somaya Reece;
  • Eseni Ellington and a few others.

First Family of Hip Hop Season 2

Viewers’ Interest and Series Rating

Finale results show that First Family of Hip Hop is not the project with a high rating (in IMDB the figure is 5.5/10). However, a number of viewers are waiting the next premiere and want to know when new season two is going to be released. The next season start may take place soon, but now you may stay tuned so that to get any interesting news and get the schedule of a renewed story in case the authors decide to return it on the screen.

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