Snake City Season 4

The protection of wildlife is a very important issue, but sometimes this wildlife can unintentionally harm a person. The hosts of a popular project Snake City on the channel National Geographic Wild work to ensure that snakes do not harm people by accidentally hitting them in a dwelling or near a place of permanent residence, they hunt them and transfer them to other, safer places both for humans and for reptiles themselves. The series is interesting due to the fact that snakes can be found in a variety of places; many of these creatures are poisonous, which puts the hosts of the show at a particular risk and, of course, is of keen interest to viewers. Fortunately, the creators of the program have already announced that the project will be continued. It’s still unknown when Snake City season 4 will start. Release date of the fourth part hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the public is waiting for the next season premiere and the series new episode with great interest, so the chances that the program will return soon are quite high. The authors have confirmed the coming of Snake City in Twitter, so everything which is remained is just waiting for the following season start.

Hosts and Developers

When it goes about the first season air date, true lovers of the project remember that it was on February 14, 2014. By now three full seasons have already been shown, and the latest third part that included 6 episodes finished on February 17, 2017.
Snake City Season 4 date release

The people doing the most risky work hunting for snakes and forming the main cast of the program are:

  • Nadine Keys (participated in season one);
  • Siouxsie Gillett (one of the hosts of the second and third seasons);
  • Simon Keys (a constant host taking part in all the seasons).

The company distributing Snake City and developing it is Earth Touch; the network broadcasting all the episodes and responsible for announcing of the next season release date is the channel National Geographic Wild.
Snake City Season 4

Brief Review

In the last third season snake hunters traveled to South Africa, where the problem with poisonous creatures is often very acute. These reptiles are found everywhere, and the main goal of the hosts of the project is to catch the troublemaker and move it to a place where no one will hurt it, and it will not harm anyone. It is still not known where Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett will go in a new season, but for sure their adventures will be not less interesting than before.
Snake City Season 4

Viewers’ Expectations

After hearing that Snake City is going to be renewed and season three is not the last one, a number of viewers were pleased to know that their favorite program will air again. If the creators do everything fast, many fans of the series will be grateful to the series makers, and the schedule of the following part is being awaited. Stay tuned to know all the finale creators’ decisions and find out when new season four will be presented on TV.

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