Home Made Simple Season 7

To make the world around you kinder and more pleasant – this is the main task that the participants of a fascinating reality show Home Made Simple want to achieve. The project on the channel OWN has rapidly gained popularity since the very first season, because such a format is not very common, and therefore the program immediately acquired a large army of fans. The show has been broadcasted since 2011, and since then a lot of episodes have already been shown. After the end of the sixth season its viewers more and more often ask the authors about when Home Made Simple season 7 will be presented. Release date of the next season seven hasn’t been announced yet, but according to previous experience it’s possible to say that there are good chances for the renewed series to return and the seventh season premiere may be released with its new episode quite soon.

Producers Crew

The coming of the first season was set for October 23, 2011, and the last episode of the latest season six was shown March 25, 2017.
Home Made Simple Season 7 date release

The crew of executive producers developing the program in mass media and doing everything for the next season release date to be announced soon consists of the following members:

  • Michael Williams;
  • Carl Buehl;
  • Steve Joachim;
  • Rob Mancini;
  • Gerrit V. Folsom;
  • Esquire Jauchem;
  • Rob Eric.

The host of the latest part of Home Made Simple is Jeremiah Brent.
Home Made Simple Season 7

The studio producing the show is Green Harbor Productions, and the channel which is going to announce the next season air date is OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s Network).

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

Colorful ideas and their amazing realization is what the show Home Made Simple is full of. Here, people professionally engaged in this or that kind of activity, use their opportunities to help others and bring into the world kindness and joy. These are designers, who improve the appearance of houses, and cooks who cook for the homeless, and people saving unfortunate animals and feeding these creatures, and many others.

Among those who have already participated in the series are worth mentioning the following people:

  • Paige Davis;
  • Kenneth Wingard;
  • Jesse Brune;
  • Didiayer Snyder;
  • Thad Mills;
  • Amy Devers;
  • Kate Albrecht and some others.

Home Made Simple Season 7

Series Rating and Possible Renewal

The crew of produces is still working for the following new season to be released soon, but no finale decision has been announced yet. Looking at the rating of Home Made Simple on IMDB (6.8/10) one can say the program is not very popular, but yet the project has got many devoted fans who are eager to know when new season seven is going to air. Stay tuned in order to receive useful information regarding the schedule of an upcoming part and be aware of any possible changes in the format of the series.

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