Outback Wrangler Season 3

The problem of protecting wildlife today is an issue that worries not only those who are engaged in this professionally, but also ordinary people who are not indifferent to the stories about the depletion of natural resources and the extinction of rare species of fauna. Particular attention is focused on Australia, the continent, which is still wild and not fully inhabited. It is here the shooting of the show Outback Wrangler takes place. In this project of the TV channel National Geographic various animals are saved from destruction and transported to more favorable habitats. This, of course, important series has recently finished its second season, and now the public is interested in the fact when Outback Wrangler season 3 will air. Release date is yet to be announced, and the audience remembers that the break between season one and season two was very long. So, the next part of the renewed story is likely to be presented, but the terms of its coming haven’t been mentioned yet, and there is no official information confirming that the series will return soon.

Producers and Presenters

The first new episode of Outback Wrangler was presented back in 2011, and the second season premiere was shown at the end of 2015, on November 17. The last episode of the second part aired on January 5, 2016, and since then no information has been announced.
Outback Wrangler Season 3 date release

The director of the series is Dan Walkington, and the person who helped him in creating the plot of the show is Simon I. Proud. The host of the program is Matt Wright, and the presenter is Michael Wright. There also other people also including in the cast of the program – John Brown and Chris Wilson.

The producers working for the next season air date to be known as soon as possible are personalities as:

  • Jerry Butterfield;
  • Sophie Kennedy White;
  • Nick Fordham.

The network broadcasting all the series episodes and responsible for presenting of the following season release date is National Geographic, an outstanding channel.
Outback Wrangler Season 3

Plot Review

The main character of the project Matt Wright is committed to trying to keep the balance between people and wild animals in Australia. His team helps him to transport different species to other habitats, where neither they will pose a threat to people, nor people to them. The variety of species that Matt deals with is very great – these are crocodiles, snakes, large animals.
Outback Wrangler Season 3

Possible Continuation and Expectations

Even if there is still no any finale news confirming the continuation of the show, the rating of 7.4/10 on IMDB proves that the series new episodes are still being awaited, and Outback Wrangler has good chances to be extended. The audience hopes for soon renewal, and if you’re one of these fans, stay tuned to follow the news and be aware of the schedule of possible third season.

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