The Wheel Season 2

When fate casts a man into remote and dangerous corners of the planet, he has to do it hard. But if a person voluntarily goes for adventure in impassable jungles, hot deserts or other unsuitable places for living, it is very likely that this person is a participant of a new show The Wheel on Discovery Channel. Here, the audience can meet what they themselves have never ventured to decide – the struggle of a man for survival in terrible conditions. It is very interesting to observe all this from the outside, and it is obvious that the public wants to see the continuation of the series, the first season of which is already finished. Many people often ask the authors of the project the following question: when will The Wheel season 2 be released? Release date of the following part is yet to be announced, but a number of viewers would like to watch a renewed story, so the coming of a new episode of the show will be quite logical creators’ decision. If everything goes right, the project will return soon, and now intrigued audience has to only wait for the next season premiere hoping that the first season won’t be the last one.

Creators Crew

The first season air date was set for January 13, 2017, and the whole part included 8 episodes (the last one was shown on March 3, 2017).
The Wheel Season 2 date release

The crew of producers working for The Wheel to be popular among the public and to get proper popularity includes the following members:

  • Hank Leukart;
  • Felipe Guelhermino;
  • Craig Piligian;
  • Sam Korkis;
  • Rita Doumar;
  • Giselle Parets and a few others.

The studio producing the series is Brazil Production Services, and the channel presenting the pilot season start and that is likely to broadcast the series new episodes is Discovery Channel, the world famous TV network.
The Wheel Season 2

About the Plot and Cast

A special wheel determines where each participant goes. This place can be a wild tropical forest, and a snowy desert, and a rugged terrain. A person goes to a specified place with one backpack that can help him survive, and for 2 months he must live in new conditions trying to overcome all the difficulties he faces with.

Among those who participated in the first season of The Wheel are ordinary people, and they are:

  • Josh Morin;
  • Kat Dellinger;
  • Lindsay Phenix;
  • Shon Joyner;
  • Luke Soderling;
  • Adam Kimble.

The Wheel Season 2

Chances for Renewal and Viewers’ Interest

The authors have yet announced the second season release date, but if the rating of the show will be enough there are good chances for the project to be renewed. On IMDB the current rating of the program is 6.4/10, but the show has just finished and not all the viewers still know about it. Stay tuned if you want to be the first to receive the schedule of an upcoming new season two and to know all the changes in the plot of the story and its new participants.

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