Not Going Out Season 9

If a particular TV series is successfully broadcasted on television for many seasons, it means that the public appreciates the work of the authors and loves this show. The same situation is with one of the most famous modern British sitcoms Not Going Out on BBC One channel, a project that has been known and loved all over the world since 2006. It successfully combines all those features that are inherent in a high-quality comedy series: bright characters, a well-chosen cast, acute social humor and much more. Not long ago all the viewers became aware that their favorite show does not end, and the creators have officially extended the series for another season. There is still no any data concerning when Not Going Out season 9 will be presented with its new episode. Release date of the next renewed season is being planned for 2018, but what is more important, it’s that the authors have already mentioned the coming not only of the ninth but also tenth season in the near future. Thus, when new funny stories return, the audience will know that season nine will definitely not be the last one and that they are being awaited for the tenth season premiere too.

Production Info

The first episode of Not Going was shown to the public on October 6, 2006, and since then 8 full episodes have already aired. The latest part eight was presented on January 13, 2017, it consisted of 7 episodes, and the last one was shown on March 3, 2017.
Not Going Out Season 9 date release

The main creator of the sitcom is Lee Mack, who also plays the main role in the series. His main colleagues writing the script of the story are Andrew Collins, Sarah Morgan and Daniel Peak. The directors making the story interesting for the audience are Nick Wood, Ed Bye and Alex Hardcastle.

There are also several executive producers working for the next new season release date to be presented as soon as possible. These people are:

  • Chris Sussman;
  • Richard Allen-Turner;
  • Gregor Sharp;
  • Rob Aslett;
  • Sally Debonnaire;
  • Jon Thoday;
  • Simon Wilson.

The companies producing the series and developing it are Arlo Productions and Avalon Television; the original channel presenting all the air dates and responsible for broadcasting the series new episodes is BBC One.
Not Going Out Season 9

About the Show

The protagonist of the project is Lee Mack playing himself but in a completely different role. His character is absolutely not interested in any life achievements; he does nothing but lies on the couch all day or spends time in a pub with his friend Tim (Tim Vine). He also has a woman, Lucy, he falls in love with (Sally Bretton); she’s Tim’s sister and the landlady of the apartment in which Lee lives. The show is full of jokes and merry moments, and that is why its following season air date is being awaited with tension and interest.
Not Going Out Season 9

Series Rating and Soon Renewal

The rating of 7.8/10 on IMDB will be enough for the series to be presented with another two parts. There is still no any schedule, but as soon as all the authors come to the same conclusion regarding the terms of renewal, this information is sure to be announced in mass media. Stay tuned to hear finale news and know when the next interesting part of Not Going Out should be awaited.

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