Sneaky Pete Season 2

The project Sneaky Pete has eventually got its continuation after a nearly two-year break. In 2015, a pilot new episode of this series was presented, and only in early 2017 the show resumed on the channel Amazon Video. A wonderful cast, a bright plot, an interesting idea – all this any viewer will find in a new series. This show has quite many fans, and a lot of them have been waiting for the release of new parts of the program for a very long time. Now, when the full season is over, the public is waiting for the second season premiere and is interested in when Sneaky Pete season 2 will be shown. Release date is yet to be announced, but it’s already known that a renewed season two will air in 2018, so viewers still have enough time to discuss the first part of the story and make prospects concerning the terms of the next season release date. But the show will return, and its coming will become a real event for its lovers.

Authors and Developers

The continuation of the first season took place on January 13, 2017. Together with the pilot episode 10 episodes have been presented, and the following season start is set for 2018.
Sneaky Pete Season 2 date release

The main creators of this criminal drama are David Shore and Bryan Cranston, and in the process of making the series they were helped by the following screenwriters:

  • Fred Colan;
  • Jennifer Kennedy;
  • Graham Yost;
  • Ian Macdonald;
  • Sal Calleros.

The people responsible for the new season to air in time and to be accepted with joy by all the viewers are such executive producers as:

  • James Degus;
  • Seth Gordon;
  • Benjamin Cavell;
  • Fred Golan;
  • Erin Gunn;
  • Mark A. Baker.

Sneaky Pete Season 2

The network that is going to broadcast the series new episodes after the next season air date has been announced is Amazon Videos.

Brief Review

In the center of the plot of the series Sneaky Pete is a man who escapes from the persecution, calling himself the name of his cellmate. He becomes a member of an unfamiliar family, but his misfortunes are just beginning, and he has to set foot on a path full of dangers. The last episode was very exciting, and now the audience is eager to watch the continuation.

The actors performing the main characters of the show are:

  • Giovanni Ribisi, acting as Marius;
  • Libe Barer, presenting Carly;
  • Marin Ireland, whose character is Julia;
  • Peter Gerety in the role of Otto;
  • Shane McRae, presenting Taylor, and some others.

Sneaky Pete Season 2

Known Continuation and Rating

The premiere of the next season is officially confirmed by the authors of the series. The rating of Sneaky Pete on IMDB is 8.4/10, and according to finale results a number of viewers are going to wait for the project runway. Stay tuned to be aware of the schedule that is yet to be announced and know all the peculiarities of season two.

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