Trollhunters Season 2

A new animated series that has generated so much interest from a wide variety of viewers, including adults and children, is called Trollhunters. The first season premiere was presented on a well-known television channel Netflix, and all the episodes were broadcasted by this network. Each new episode fascinated the audience stronger and stronger, because it was not just a story for young children, but a real epic, where there were adventures, exciting plot twists and, of course, a brilliant cast. The last episode was shown not so long ago, but the public is so captured by the new show that the question about when Trollhunters season 2 will air seems to be quite natural. Release date of the next renewed season is yet to be announced, but all the fans of the show were pleased to know that the creators have decided to return the project. Unfortunately, the second season release date is still unknown, but the fact that its coming will happen, anyway, is very good news.

Authors Crew

The premiere of Trollhunters took place on December 23, 2016, and the whole season included 26 episodes. Such a large number of parts are a real gift for the fans that are eager to know how many episodes the next season two will contain.
Trollhunters Season 2 date release

The creator of the series is inimitable Guillermo del Toro, the director form Mexico famous for his various famous cartoons and movies. But it’s impossible not to mention another important personality who has developed the story together with Guillermo del Toro – Daniel Kraus.

The crew of producers responsible for announcing the following season air date and series new episodes consists of such people as:

  • Rodrigo Blass;
  • Kevin Hageman;
  • Marc Guggenheim;
  • Dan Hageman;
  • Christina Steinberg;
  • Chad Hammes.

The companies producing the show and making it popular are the world famous DreamWorks Animation and another studio Double Dare You. The network which was broadcasting all the episodes of Trollhunters and which is going to show the series new episodes is Netflix.
Trollhunters Season 2

About the Series

Jim is an ordinary guy who accidentally discovers that right on the outskirts of his city there is a grand battle between trolls. He and his two best friends are witnessing this clash, hidden from prying eyes, and become unwitting participants in a prolonged confrontation. The guys get acquainted with good trolls, who teach them all the wisdoms of the struggle, and now they have to become full-fledged participants in this war.

The actors whose voices are to be heard in the series are:

  • Anton Yelchin;
  • Charlie Saxton;
  • Kelsey Grammer;
  • Fred Tatasciore;
  • Lexi Medrano and others.

Trollhunters Season 2

Series Prospects and Soon Renewal

According to the finale results, the rating of Trollhunters on IMDB is 8.6/10, which is a very high figure. The following new season is scheduled for late 2017, but an exact date is still unknown. Stay tuned to get various interesting facts concerning the premiere and find out the schedule of the second season.

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