The Young Pope Season 2

A rather provocative and yet extraordinarily exciting series was recently presented on an American television channel HBO. It’s about the drama show The Young Pope, where amazing actors are represented as the main cast, and the very idea of the project is very unusual and interesting. Here, the audience will find something so many shows lack: it is a competently thought-out plot that keeps in suspense until the very last episode. The very first new episode was presented as early as the end of 2016, and recently the first season came to an end. The audience believes that such a program must necessarily go on, so the authors often get the next question from the fans: when will The Young Pope season 2 be presented? Release date is still not known, but the coming of the following season two seems to be real, as the rating of the series is rather high, and all the viewers would be pleased to hear the second season release date and know that project will return.

Production Info

The first season start, as many lover of the project remember, took place on October 21, 2016. By now 10 episodes have already finished, and the last of them was presented on November 18, 2016.
The Young Pope Season 2 date release

The creator of the series is Paolo Sorrentino, an Italian author. The other people helping him in making the show and writing the script are:

  • Tony Grisoni;
  • Umberto Contarello;
  • Stefano Rulli.

A large team of executive producers, doing their best for a renewed season to be released as soon as possible, consists of the following members:

  • Mario Gianani;
  • Carole Scotta;
  • Caroline Benjo;
  • Lorenzo Mieli;
  • Simon Arnal;
  • John Lyons and some others.

The Young Pope Season 2

The main distributor of The Young Pope is FremantleMedia; the channel broadcasting all the previous episodes and responsible for announcing the next season air date is HBO, an American TV network.

Plot Peculiarities

In the center of the plot is the most influential figure in the world of Christianity, the Pope. It’s about one of these great people, Pope Pius XIII, who was the first Pope from America. But this is not just an ordinary story about Catholicism; here the protagonist appears in an unusual way even before he was offered such a high and extremely responsible post. Even before joining the rank of Pope, the young man leads a completely normal life; he smokes, plays billiards and does everything that ordinary people do. Such a look on this side gives the public an opportunity to assess that even the greatest people used to be the most ordinary citizens, and such a dissonance between these two images definitely appeals to the audience.

Brilliant actors who took part in the series are:

  • Jude Law in the role of Pope;
  • Silvio Orlando, presenting Cardinal Voiello;
  • Diane Keaton, acting as Sister Mary;
  • Scott Shepherd, whose character is Cardinal Dussolier;
  • Javier Cámara, presenting Cardinal Gutierrez, and many others.
  • The Young Pope Season 2

Possible Renewal and Viewers’ Interest

Today the rating of The Young Pope on IMDB is 8.4/10, and this proves that the second season premiere is really being looked forward to. There haven’t still been any announcements from the authors of the project, but this is likely to happen rather soon, so stay tuned and get the schedule of the next renewed part.

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