You Are Wanted Season 2

The theft of personal data on the Internet today occurs quite often, and this is due to the fact that modern technology is very tightly integrated into everyone’s life, and you can get all the necessary information and acquire valuable information without leaving your home. A new German series You Are Wanted on Amazon channel tells just about this kind of crime, where the protagonist faces accusations in his address, put forward after a virtual attack on his social accounts and mail. Each new episode of the show reveals to the audience new facts about this character and his problems, and the public is very interested in when renewed You Are Wanted season 2 will air. Release date of the continuation is yet to be announced, and no one can say that the program won’t return with its next part. The coming of season two will definitely please all the viewers, so the creators of the series will surely take this fact into account.

Authors Crew

The first season premiere took place on March 17, 2017. That part of the show includes 6 episodes.
You Are Wanted Season 2 date release

The crew of creators consists of the following members:

  • Bob Konrad;
  • Hanno Hackfort;
  • Richard Kropf.

The series is also directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, who is also playing the main role in the series, and Bernhard Jasper. The other people responsible for presenting the next season release date are producers, and these personalities are:

  • Marco Beckman;
  • Cornelia Popp;
  • Philip Klausing;
  • Peti Misaila;
  • Dan Maag.

You Are Wanted Season 2

The companies developing the show in mass media are Warner Bros. International Television Production and Pantaleon Films; the network broadcasting all the episodes of You Are Wanted is Amazon.

About the Plot and Cast

The main character is named Lucas, and he is the victim of an attack by cyber-criminals. After hacking all his personal data, he is charged with participating in terrorist acts, but Lucas did not take part in anything similar. After convincing attempts to discredit him, friends and relatives of the man begin to believe in his involvement in all these crimes, and now he will have to look for ways to prove his innocence.

The other actors who also took part in the show are:

  • Alexandra Maria Lara, presenting Hanna;
  • Catrin Striebeck, acting as Sandra;
  • Franz Hagn, whose character is Leon;
  • Edin Hasanovic in the role of Thorsten;
  • Marcus Gertken, acting as Lorenz;
  • Karoline Herfurth, presenting Lena, and some other actors.

You Are Wanted Season 2

Possible Renewal and Current Rating

Today the series has got a 6.2/10 rating on IMDB, and it’s likely not to be a finale result, and the first season air date was set for March 17, and very little time has passed since then. Despite some negative reviews from viewers, You Are Wanted may be renewed for another new season, so stay tuned to hear about the schedule and know all the facts concerning possible renewal.

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