Patriot Season 2

More than a year has passed since the pilot episode of the series Patriot was presented on the channel Amazon Video. It seemed that the project would not return, but recently it continued its broadcast, and now the full season is over, and the last episode has already been demonstrated. But the public, which sincerely liked this thriller with elements of comedy, unpredictable plot twists and a wonderful cast, already dreams of seeing a new episode. The second season premiere is expected in the near future, because the show has received a good rating, so the question about when Patriot season 2 will air seem not to be strange. Release date is yet to be announced, and the authors haven’t yet made any official announcements, but the coming of the next renewed season will please many viewers, so its authors will probably take it into account and try to do everything possible in order to return the program.

Production Info

The first season start took place on November 5, 2015, and only for February 24, 2017 the second season air date was scheduled. All the 10 episodes have already ended, and now it’s possible just to make prospects concerning the date of the release of the following part.
Patriot Season 2 date release

The main creator of Patriot is Steve Conrad, a director and producer from the US. The story was also developed by Gil Bellows, Darby Kealey, Bruce Terris and a few others.

Executive producers working over promoting the series and doing their best for the next season release date to be presented as soon as possible are:

  • Glenn Ficarra;
  • John Requa;
  • Radomir Docekal;
  • James D. Parriot;
  • Charlie Gogolak;
  • Tomas Krejci and a few more people.

The channel that is going to broadcast a new season of the show is Amazon Video, an American network.
Patriot Season 2

Plot Peculiarities

Despite his calm and quiet temper, John Tavner, the protagonist of the series, is not really what he claims to be. He works in a company specializing in the production and sale of pipes, but in fact he is an intelligence agent undercover, and this routine work is just an excuse to hide his true profession from prying eyes. However, over time, some employees begin to guess that John is not just an ordinary worker of the company, but someone else, and now the man needs to protect himself and prevent extraneous people from revealing his true occupation.

Those who participated in the first season of the project are:

  • Michael Dorman, whose character is John Tarver;
  • Terry O’Quinn, presenting Tom Tavner;
  • Michael Chernus, acting as Edward Tavner;
  • Kathleen Munroe in the role of Alice Tavner;
  • Aliette Opheim, presenting Agatha Albans;
  • Kurtwood Smith, acting as Leslie Claret, and many others.

Patriot Season 2

Series Prospects and Viewers’ Rating

Finale results on IMDB prove that the series Patriot is worth watching and waiting for, and the rating is 8.1/10. The schedule of the following season two will be announced as soon as all the crew decides whether it’s profitable to renew the show, and looking at the viewers’ interest the continuation seems quite probable. Stay tuned to hear about when new season will air and when the series new episodes are going to be released.

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