SIX Season 2

A completely new look at the military series was recently presented by the creators of the project SIX on the channel History. In this show, rather non-standard, the everyday way of life of American elite units Navy SEALs, which are preparing military operations and fighting against terrorists, is represented. Despite the fact that its cast is not professional militaries, but the actors, the program has not lost its popularity and deserved audience attention thanks to many factors, including realism and good acting. Moreover, the public, who was eagerly awaiting the release of each new episode of the first season, has recently received pleasant news: the show is officially extended for another part. There is still no exact information concerning when SIX season 2 will air. Release date is unknown; it’s just possible to say that the second season premiere will probably be shown in next year, and the project will return not earlier than 2018. The coming of the renewed part is very good news, so a number of viewers hope that season two won’t be worse than the first one, and the next episodes will be as catching as all the previous ones.

Authors and Developers

The pilot episode started on TV on January 18, 2017. For the whole season 8 episodes have aired, and the last one was presented on March 8, 2017.
SIX Season 2 date release

The main creators of SIX are Harvey Weinstein, David Broyles and William Broyles, and all of them are also included in the crew of executive producers. The other people also involving in producing the show and working for the second season release date to be shown as soon as possible are such as:

  • Karina Partington;
  • Lesli Linka Glatter;
  • George W. Perkins;
  • Bruce C. McKenna;
  • Alfredo Barrios Jr.

The companies creating the series are Weinstein Company and A+E Studios; the network broadcasting all the episodes of the first season and the one which is likely to present the following season start is History, the world famous channel.
SIX Season 2

About the Series

As it has been mentioned earlier, this project tells about the life of the people forming an elite unit Navy SEALs, who are sent to the most dangerous and responsible tasks. One of the missions to be performed by the actors is to eliminate the leader of the terrorist group. The life of these people is shown in detail; their everyday lives and tasks are enthralled by the audience and all the viewers believe that everything that is happening on the screen is true.

The main actors taking part in the show are the following ones:

  • Barry Sloane, presenting Joe Graves;
  • Edwin Hodge, acting as Robert Chase III;
  • Kyle Schmid, whose character is Alex Caulder;
  • Brianne Davis in the role Lena Graves;
  • Juan Pablo Raba, presenting Ricky Ortiz, and many others.

Soon Renewal and Rating

The next new season air date hasn’t been mentioned yet, but the fact the show is extended for a new season is very pleasant. On IMDB the series has got a rating of 7.3/10, and this figure is enough for the authors to work over the following part. Stay tuned to hear from the creators about finale information about when new season two is going to be released and to know the schedule of an upcoming story.

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