Zoo Season 3

Brief Review

The agenda is a new project starring James Wolk (Mad Men) and Kristen Connolly as cast leaders. Among other members, there are Josh Salatin, Nonso Anozie, Alyssa Diaz, Billy Burke, and others. The story is a thriller drama by the genre. The series has a firm ground wrapped in a novel under the same title which authors are James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Two seasons have been launched since June 2015. The fate of the third part is stated. It will be launched next summer. The unknown thing is Zoo season 3 release date but it should be revealed only next year.

Plot Summary

Jackson Oz serves as a zoologist exploring the conduct of animals in various safaris in Africa. Once he notices that animals start behaving in a very strange way. Then attacks on humans happened everywhere around the globe.
Zoo Season 3 date release

With the unfolding of events, Jackson finds himself thrust into a race to get to the bottom of the mystery of the pandemic. This underlying cause should be found before humans run out of places where they can hide. Surely, this means that the humanity existence is jeopardized.

Solid Ratings

With a strong level of positive feedback, the series faced the controversy. This happened when animal rights advocacy group PETA put forward a petition, as animals exploited in the shooting were real. This has not influenced the general level of popularity. The first season premiere is known for 8 million watchers. Each new episode was garnering already 6 million viewers. The second release is noted for a slight decline – 4.5 million people per episode. The score on IMDb is also high – 7.0 out of 10. All these facts are indicative of the bright future of the project.
Zoo Season 3

Following Updates

As of today, we have nothing to fret about, as the revival is a resolved matter. The release of the next installment is scheduled for next summer. The new season air date is unknown but it is just a matter of time, nothing else.
Zoo Season 3

The series is the most highly rated project on the channel now. What can we expect in the next summer installment? The danger coming from animals still exist and it seems that nothing can be done. Which way the scientist will go, we will get to know in 2017. Stay tuned with us in order not to miss plot particulars and the new season release date!

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