Zoo 2 Season Release Date

Zoo 2 season release date

Zoo 2 season release date was confirmed. Check the details about the show.

The first season will appear in summer this year on CBS on June 30, 2015. However, the producers are very sure that the show will get the second season the next year.
The Plot:
The Earth is in danger again. However, this is not the deluge or galactic invaders. A wave of violent attacks by animals on people explores around the world covering even the most remote corners of the globe. Wild animals from a New York Zoo seemed to have gone mad – they throw all their forces to the annihilation of mankind. At first the attacks were spontaneous – they were not distinguished from random skirmishes humans and wildlife.

Zoo 2 season release date was confirmed

But soon all began to resemble organized crime. Clever and well-planned attack on the people in the world become unbearable, and it was then taken for the cause and desperate young biologist. On his furnace lies only task – to solve the mystery of brutality wild inhabitants of the planet and to save humanity from destruction by animals. Otherwise, it is likely that the Earth will no longer be home to the people and will be a haven of wild and hungry animals. How to overcome the herd of crazed animals and save their lives? What is the cause of this apocalypse?
Zoo 2 season release date is summer of 2016.
Zoo 2 season release date on Bluray was confirmed for autumn of 2016.

DVD release of Zoo 2 season is expected somewhere at the end of 2016.
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