Zoe Ever After Season 2

Zoe Ever After was a sitcom created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by BET channel with the first season release date on the 5th of January 2016. The star of the show is Brandy Norwood portraying the character of Zoe Moon. She’s a recently divorced charming young woman starting her cosmetic company business. The last time Brandy played the main character in the series was when she participated in the filming of Moesha from 1996 to 2001. The filming of Zoe Ever After is done in Atlanta, Georgia. Zoe Ever After season 2 release date hasn’t been announced, but the show hasn’t been canceled yet.


Every new episode of Zoe Ever After sitcom concentrates on the life of Zoe Moon (portrayed by Brandy Norwood). She’s a divorced mother trying to develop her personal business and lead a happy life after leaving her former husband – Gemini Moon, a famous boxer (portrayed by Dorian Missick). She tries to balance her new professional responsibilities with dating, duties of mom and tense communication with her ex. Her dream is to start her personal cosmetic life and live independently, able to get everything she needs for her happiness. She lives together with her 8-year-old son named Xavier (portrayed by Jaylon Gordon). Valenté (portrayed by Tory Devon Smith) is her assistant and faithful companion. Pearl (portrayed by Haneefah Wood) is her best friend and publicist. Miguel (portrayed by Ignacio Serricchio) is an attractive contractor. The action of the series takes place in Manhattan, New York.
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Cast & Characters

  • Zoe Moon (portrayed by Brandy Norwood) is a divorced single mom. Her everyday duty is a desperate try to find balance between her family life, romantic affaires and career dream. She also has to maintain relationship with her ex, which often makes her life complicated.
  • Gemini Moon (portrayed by Dorian Missick) is a well-known boxer and a former husband of the main character.
  • Miguel Maldonado (portrayed by Ignacio Serricchio). He owns Maldonado Construction, Heating and Air company. He’s an attractive contractor of Zoe.
  • Zoe Ever After Season 2

  • Valente (portrayed by Tory Devon Smith) is a loyal friend of Zoe and one of her assistants.
  • Pearl (portrayed by Haneefah Wood) is a publicist of Zoe and her best friend. They’ve been friends since college. Pearl uses her business knowledge and experience in order to get herself a husband.
  • Xavier Moon (portrayed by Jaylon Gordon) is an 8-year-old son of Zoe and Gemini.

Zoe Ever After Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

BET shares no official info on the future of the series. When more info on Zoe Ever After Season 2 is available, we will share it with you.

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