Zoe Ever After Season 2

A new situational comedy appeared on BET at the start of this year is now waiting when the creators shape its future. With quite average ratings, there exists a possibility of cancellation. But we must hope that the developers will take another try giving a second chance to the project.

What should we say about this newcomer on TV?

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Zoe Ever After is presented as a situational comedy developed by three charming women named Brandy Norwood, Debra Martin-Chase and Erica Montolfo-Bura. As for the production team, we should mention here three companies: Scooter Brown Projects, Martin Chase Productions and certainly the co-project of the home channel of the serial which is responsible for fabrication named BET Original Productions.
The acting crew is composed from again Brandy Norwood and Dorian Missick playing the principal parts in the serial.
The launch was held in the past January. Now we have only one season at our disposal and are longing for the appearance of the sophomore chapter later this year.

Moving closer to the very narrative

With the action set in the most popular city in the USA (certainly, it is New York and its Manhattan), the serial revolves around the heroine named Zoe Moon. She comes to be single mother recently divorced. She decides to start off with a clean slate. Her former spouse is named Gemini Moon who is reckoned to be a pro boxer.
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Her new independent life turns to be packed with positive as well as negative things. The challenges proposed to her by the fate is nothing but a way to her future success in working as well as in personal life issues. She is determined to make her cherished dreams come true. This very dream involves starting her own line of cosmetics. But in order to make headway, she should do her best balancing her motherhood duties, new relationships, and not so pleasing yet forced communication with her former husband.

Dealing with the rating figures

The serial was opened with about 800 thousand watchers in front of screens of TV sets. Then a slight decline in this figure happened, unfortunately, achieving about 650 thousand people.
Such low ratings cannot be explained. The only one thing that should be mentioned concerning this is that the serial is depicting an actual problem and idea of our times when women should take their lives in their own hands while struggling their way to the life success improving themselves both mentally and physically.
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Possibility of the future renewal

As so far there is no confirmation of the Zoe Ever After season 2 release date as well as of the immediate possibility of the sophomore season broadcast down the road, we can only move forward some suppositions. The supposition is that there is a certain probability that the continuation of the story should take place. That’s why we have nothing in the course but to be prepared for the breaking news to come any day. You won’t miss the premiere date if you follow updates on our service.


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