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Zapped is an absurdist TV serial with comical elements. It was made and created in the United Kingdom, so you will have a great opportunity to watch and enjoy it from the beginning till the end. The season premiere was in October this year, but the second season is already available for everyone. The Zapped 2 Season release date is the 9th of November in the year of 2016.


We must notice, that here in that season of the serial you will see the most talented and outstanding cast. So, here you must pay attention to those people in the cast:

  • James Buckley.
  • Kenneth Collard.
  • Louis Emerick.
  • Ricky Grover.
  • Paul Kaye.
  • Sharon Rooney.
  • Tony Way.

The serial is directed by Dave Lambert. The producers are James Buckley, Steve Coogan, Dan Gaster, Will Ing, Simon Lupton, Paul Powell, Barry Read, Kerry Waddell. The editor is Joe Fraser.


In the center of attention you will see Brian Weaver, and here he plays the general role. So, you will see him in each episode of the Story. One day he was transported to the parallel universe because he has a magical amulet. The world, where he was transferred, was inhabited by different creatures, so here you will meet psychopathic Fairies, Shell Men, Demi-Fins, vicious Frocks.

In each episode you will see, that Brian really wanted to return home, but it is a rather hard mission for him. We can say that it is impossible because he was chosen for a special mission and he can`t do anything before he will reach a result.

We must say, that this serial will satisfy you not only by brilliant plot, by also by the stars, which will appear here. You will meet here Paul Kane, Kenneth Collard, Louis Emerick, Ricky Grover, Sharon Rooney.


A lot of people will estimate this serial, so it will be very exciting for people of different ages. If you have enough free time to watch it, you must do it, because that serial is the best variant to spend your time with pleasure. The new episode will be the most Interesting and exciting.

The season air date is very important when we talk about one or another serial.

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Zapped S1E1 | James Buckley is Brian Weaver who is transported To Munty | Dave

James Buckley, Paul Kaye and Sharon Rooney star in Zapped on Dave

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