Z Nation Season 4 Release date

Z Nation Season 4 Release Date


Z Nation (season 4 — pending) is a post-apocalyptic TV series of an American production that combines several genres, including horror, comedy, and drama. Season 1 has thirteen episodes. It debuted on 12 of September 2014. The premiere of season 3 took place on 16 of Sep. 2016. It includes fifteen episodes.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Kellita Smith plays the character of Lt. Roberta Warren,
  • Harold Perrineau plays the character of Lt. Mark Hammond,
  • DJ Qualls plays the character of Citizen Z,
  • Tom Everett Scott plays the character of Charles Garnett,
  • Russell Hodgkinson plays the character of Doc,
  • Pisay Pao plays the character of Cassandra,
  • Michael Welch plays the character of Mack Thompson,
  • Keith Allan plays the character of Murphy,
  • Anastasia Baranova plays the character of "Addy,"
  • Nat Zang plays the character of 10K,
  • Matt Cede?o plays the character of Javier Vasquez,
  • Emilio Rivera plays the character of "Escorpion,"

The recurring cast of the series includes:

  • Donald Corren,
  • Gina Gershon,
  • Doug Dawson,
  • Lisa Coronado plays,
  • Joseph Gatt,
  • Mark Carr,
  • Sydney Viengluang,
  • Ramona Young.

Guests of the series include:

  • Tobias Campbell,
  • Kelly McGillis,
  • Bill Moseley,
  • Jason Gallagher,
  • Rick Rivera,
  • Conner Marx,
  • Christy Choi,
  • Scott Roddan,
  • William Sadler,
  • Yuji Okumoto,
  • George R. R. Martin,
  • Tom Beyer,
  • Missi Pyle,
  • Eddie Spears,
  • Tinsel Korey,
  • Anthony Michael Hall,
  • John Wu.


The series is about a zombie virus that has killed many people. Some people manage to survive and they know that Murphy is their only hope. They need to go to California from New York along with Murthy to reach a lab. Murphy is special because the government gave him test vaccine before the virus started infecting people. Now he is responsible for saving the world because there are antibodies in his blood that can help make a vaccine. Each season adds more threats for people that they have to fight.  Murphy along with other survivors tries to find the right solutions to save people.


The series has been filmed in the Spokane.  As it was announced, there would be a film released before showing the third season. 

On Metacritic, a rating of the show has been 48% out of 100%. On Rotten Tomatoes, its rating has been 53%.

The first season of the show has attracted 1,420,000 viewers per episode.

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