Z Nation Season 3

The zombie apocalypse is turning back this year to horrify the fans of the series under the title “Z Nation”. Such an announcement was made by the creators in the fall of the previous year. However, the exact launch date remains to be yet announced.

Short outline

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Z Nation is reckoned to be the American horror TV series appeared on the Syfy channel due to such inspirers as Karl Schaefer and Craeg Engler. The production companies turn to be three. They are The Asylum, Go 2 Digital Media, and North By Northwest.
The debut of the first season was set on September 12, 2014. It is known that the budget of the first part totted up to 700 000$. The series got mixed reviews from professional television critics; however, a common viewer seemed to appreciate the series much better. The ratings were so high that the developers were desperate to produce the following chapter. Thus, the second season appeared on screens on September 11, 2015. However, the second chapter failed to replicate the same great success in comparison with the previous part. The decline in the ratings was not explained by the creators. It consisted of 15 full one-hour episodes to the fortune of the fans of the horror genre.
The series stars Kellita Smith, GJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Pisay Pao, Nat Zang, Russell Hodkinson, Tom Everett, Emilio Rivera, and others.

What is the story about?

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The series combines in itself three different themes: a zombie apocalypse, road adventures, and the romantics of the Wild West.
It has been 3 years since zombie virus killed the most part of the population in the USA. However, the group of survivors should bring th only one human that has transformed to the wild creature after zombie’s bite from New York to California where the only working laboratory is situated in order to analyze his blood. The thing is that his antibodies are considered to be the last hope for the human nation. With the help of them, it is possible to produce the vaccine.
The survivors should make a long and dangerous trip in order to know what horrifying and threatening secrets this human keeps.

When to expect the new season of Z Nation?

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In spite of the rating decline, the producers decided to return the series in the shape of the third season. Maybe such a decision has been made due to the fact that Z Nation remains to be the most popular series on the Syfy channel in the hope that the situation will get better. It must get better because at the San Diego Comic Con the creative team announced that they have great plans for the show for up to seasons 5 and 7. So, there is nothing to do but hope that the ratings will increase as the series progresses.
The Z Nation exact release date stands to be obscure. The developers only assure that it will come to please its fans in 2016. There is even no hint concerning the year season. However, it is known that the third season is going to include 15 one hour full episodes as it was with the previous chapters.

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