Z Nation Season 3 Release Date

Z Nation Season 3 Release Date


Introduced in 2014 on the SyFy channel, Z Nation season 3 tells the desperate attempts of survivors after an apocalypse zombie combat the virus. The consequences of the disaster is enormous, the surviving part of the population of the blue planet has turned into a zombie.

Z Nation season 3 release date was announced for September, 2016. Currently the show is in the production. Probably the fans will be able to watch Z Nation season 3 release date on DVD and Bluray was scheduled for the end of 2016.


The leading roles in Z Nation season 3 episode 1 were given to Kellita Smith (Bernie Mac Show), Kuolls (Supernatural, The Man in the High Castle), Keith Allan (Zombie Revolt), Anastasia Baranova (The Darkness II), Russell Hodgkinson (Big Fish), Nat Zhang and Matt Cedeno ( Devious Maids)


The actions in Z Nation season 2 episode 1 occur after infection with human unstudied virus that turns all the old fashioned way in terrible zombie dead. Zombies are not under the control of man, and pose a great threat, they constantly want the healthy human flesh, it is transmitted by the bite of a virus victim.

People are agonizing, the world was shocked by the zombie apocalypse. States are wiped out, there is not no communication connection, only survived only those who have the incredible luck, and have a weapon with ammunition. Former U.S. citizens were divided into two on the board, some communities organize and wait out the chaos in closed areas, others are trying to develop a vaccine against the virus. Hammond said the commander of the operational group set itself the goal of scientists to evacuate to a new location in the city of California. When the dislocation of the group is ambushed, where zombies are killed almost the entire train, survived himself and the strange patient who was bitten by a zombie, but he did not become infected.

Hammond asks for help from the people of the isolated camp "Blue sky". Together, they go to the long journey, led by Citizen Z, which broadcasts out of the bunker, and as far as possible to help them move towards the goal.

Interesting Facts

  • The first season with 13 episodes of the movie was broadcasted on September in 2014 on Syfy Channel. The series has gained a lot of popularity among fans of "zombie" movies;
  • Z Nation season 2 premiered on September 11, 2015;
  • Season 3 of the series Z Nation will get 15 hour-long episodes;
  • The second season attracted on average, to TVs and 1.5 million viewers per episode.

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Z-Nation Season 3 Confirmed!!!

Z Nation Official Trailer (HD) Kellita Smith

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