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Yukon Men (Season 5, release date – March 11, 2016) will tell you about the inhabitants of a small village a hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Only two hundred inhabitants (the name of the village) live in Tanana. The truth is that the life is not very easy. The series shows how people survive away from civilization, while they are in extreme conditions.


The Main roles in this project are performed by:

  • Pat Duke
  • Darren O’Hare


A hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle is Tanana town, where the population is only 200 people. These people were there for different reasons, but while there they all have only one goal – to survive. The food here is much easier to get to than to go to the supermarket for a hundred miles. Constant firewood requires a good physical shape because the winter is cold and very long. But the summer sometimes does not bring long-awaited warmth and joy. Forest fires here and there are often dense and residents have to work together to deal with them, winning at the nature and elements of the new territories. It is therefore not possible to give up, but there are people who are losing the battle with the forces of nature and go look for a comfortable place.

Severe frost enveloped the town. This is the most severe winter, which the local inhabitants remember. Old people say that something like this was forty years ago, but what has come now, has become a real disaster for Stan. He checks his fridge, and learns that the stocks of meat – the Main food for the residents of the Yukon, are small. There are only a few kilos left. With this his family can live a maximum for seven days. It is time to hunt caribou, fortunately, just as the city begins the hunting season.

For Joey, it is time to show his abilities. The young hero already knows how to hunt, a family believes in him – the guy will get the meat and save the family. However, after the series heroes come to the forest, it turns out that the cold played here a cruel joke. Animals had gone deep into the forest to find their own food. Now, the guys of the Yukon will not only survive in the terrible cold, but also will find the animals to produce meat. Whether they succeed, you learn when you start watching TV series.


 The Yukon Men is not just a fascinating series about the adventures of a few guys, this is a documentary film about real life.

Augustus, even Stan does not know when there will be a new season. He was asked on Twitter.

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Yukon Men Season 5 Episode 2 – From the Ashes

Yukon Men Season 5 Episode 6 The Yukon Way

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