Yukon Gold Season 5

Yukon Gold Season 5 Release Date


Yukon Gold is a reality TV serial, which appeared in Canada. Here you will see the group of people, who are searching for the gold. Here we want to present you the 5th season premiere of the serial. It will totally amaze you. The Yukon Gold 5 Season release date is the 13th of March in the year of 2016.


In the cast to such serial, you will see a lot of talented people. Among them, we want to mention the next:

  • Bill Courage.
  • Ken Foy.
  • Guillaume Brodeur.
  • Karl Knutson.
  • Al McGregor.
  • Cam Johnson.
  • Chris St. Jean.
  • Nika Guilbault.
  • Dennis Poirier.
  • Bernie Kreft.

The directors of the serial are Simon Schneider, David Shohet, Jackson Tyler Richardson, Jereme Watt, Peter Williams, Michel Bodnarchuk, Peter Gombos, Sean White, John Westheuser, Mike Dinsmore, David Hyde, Tim Laurence, David Hyde. The producers are Megan Cameron, David Paperny, Audrey Mehler, Cal Shumiatcher, Sarah Sharkey Pearce, Rachel Coe, Lynne Kirby, Trevor Hodgson, Larry Raskin, Vera Lubimova, Christine Brandt.


Yukon Gold will present you the people, who have an allowance and an idea to find the gold in Canada regions. During the whole season of the serial, they try to work as much as they can.

Nowadays the price of gold is so high, so we can say, that each of them is very Interesting if gold searching – that is a great opportunity to find the biggest amount of gold.

If there is a good place, each man will get a lot of money, so the more they work, the more chances to become rich they have. After the time off work will end, each person will get the money for the gold and then they have a vacation. But after it, they return and do the work again and again.


If you think, that it is rather easy, you mustn’t forget, that here they use specials machines. It is hard to manage them, but if there is a great wish, nothing can worry them. So day by day men come to their aim and earn more money, that they do before.

The serial will be Interesting only for adults because they will understand the Main idea of it. Each new episode lasts 60 minutes. When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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Yukon Gold – Season 4, Episode 5 Trailer

Yukon Gold – Season 3, Episode 5 Trailer

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