Youth series “Make it pop!” Season 3


Youth series “Make it pop!” (Season 3 release date – unknown) tells about the life of adolescents: first love, kiss, new friends and shopping with friends. Three different girls named Corky, Jody and San Hi arrived in the new school and they are roommates. They all converge on the fact that they are very fond of music.

American musical youth series “Make it pop!”  was released on the channel Nickelodeon in 2015. Head writer and producer of the project was the famous actor Nick Cannon.


  • John Alan Slachta,
  • Megan Lee,
  • Louriza Tronco,
  • Erika Tham,
  • Dale Whibley.


What is common among pop-girl, fashionable girl and a wonk? Of course it is music! San Hi, Jody and Corky was randomly allocated in the same room in local dorm. Starting from that moment they must learn to live together… literally. They are going to organize a pop-band. But is it so easy in a place, where teachers are in the first place, and the art is on the last? As these rising stars counterbalance music, evaluations, attitudes and drama? There is only one way to find out! Get ready for fun, drama and musical comedy with Korean pop stars!

To say the truth the girls aren`t satisfied with local fame, so they decided to became world stars and took part in run-through for roles in musical. In this endeavor friends have to overcome many obstacles, but a strong friendship and unwavering intention will always be leading them forward.

Now is the time for parting, Corky is forced to leave school because her father is a billionaire predicts the fate of a great girl. She prepared for the role of the owner of a huge corporation, and this knowledge how to guide it cannot be gotten in this school. The group decided to make a farewell concert, and they lit the audience as it should. This is the latest joint Christmas for them, girls want to make these moments unforgettable. In fact, all want to spend Christmas with his family, but heavy snowfall has broken their plans. School and all the roads are covered with snow so that it blocked all traffic. Perhaps someone will have to stay here for the entire vacation.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the school has a new, mysterious apprentice. Link Harrison is as if an angel had fallen from the sky, it is likely he is here for the purpose to cancel the trip to Corky.


When they were creating the project, the producers were inspired by music in K-Pop style, which is gaining popularity among teenagers worldwide.

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444 Youth series “Make it pop!” Season 3 1
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444 Youth series “Make it pop!” Season 3 3

Make It Pop | "Summer Splash" | Official Trailer #3

Make It Pop – Season 3 ”Summer Splash” Episode (Part 3)

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