Young and Hungry Season 5

Young & Hungry is a sitcom released in the USA. The creator of it is David Holden. The executive producer is Ashley Tisdale. That’s a multi-camera project with Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski, Aimee Carrero and others in the cast (check the official webpage or IMDb character list). The project premiered in summer of 2014.


The action on the series takes place in San Francisco. One of the main characters named Josh (portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski) is a wealthy entrepreneur. He becomes a personal chef for a food blogger named Gabi (portrayed by Emily Osment). The series concentrates on the couple and the dilemma of their relationship.

  Young and Hungry Season 5

Cast & Characters

  • Emily Osment portrays the character of Gabi Diamond. He’s a young chef from San Francisco. Sofia is her best friend and they live together. Gabi is fond of cooking. She can satisfy any person’s desire connected with any specific meal. She lost her mom when being a teen. She had to struggle through life’s hardships on her own. She has no experience to become Josh’s chef. However, Josh hires her to make dinner for Caroline, his girlfriend. Gabi’s task is to make Caroline say yes to marriage proposal. Josh’s plans fail and Caroline leaves him this very evening and Gabi’s emotional state makes him have a one-night stand with her. They agree not to reveal it to anybody, but later Gabi develops deep romantic feelings to Josh.
  • Jonathan Sadowski portrays the character of Josh Xander Kaminski. He’s a millionaire that managed to achieve his wealth on his own. He’s intelligent and charming. Has accidental sex with Gabi, but later tries to keep their relationship on professional level. However, he starts feeling mutually attracted to Gabi. He’s always ready to share his advice constantly protecting her. With every new episode, their “friendship” gets more and more complicated.
  • Young and Hungry Season 5
  • Aimee Carrero portrays the character of Sofia Rodriguez. Sofia is Gabi’s roommate and her loyal friend. She’s a banking intern and she’s extremely ambitious. She’s got a strong mind and devotes most part of her life to her career. She does her best to support Gabi.
  • Kym Whitley plays Yolanda. She’s a housekeeper at Josh’s place. She’s open-minded and never afraid to openly express her opinion. She’s the first one who discovered Gabi and Josh’s relationship.
  • Rex Lee portrays Elliot Park. He’s a companion of Josh. He’s gay and doesn’t feel uncomfortable about it. He’s sincerely fond of Josh always trying to protect him. He’s very caring. He’s the second one who knows about Josh and Gabi’s secret relationship. He quarrels with Gabi from time to time, but in general, they’re good friends.
  • Young and Hungry Season 5

5th Season Air Date

In spring of 2016, Freeform officially renewed Young and Hungry for season 4 that premiered and concluded in summer of the same year. In the end of October 2016, there was an official announcement through social media about upcoming season 5. The fifth season release date will be announced soon.

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