You`re the Worst Season 3

A romantic yet hilarious multipart serial titled as “You’re the Worst” is now defined in terms of the concrete launch date. So it is scheduled for August 31, 2016 on the new home channel referred to as FX.

Basic info every admirer of the series need to be aware of

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Debuting amidst July two years ago, now the serial under the name “You’re the Worst” is making for a romantic comedy aired on the FXX channel in the USA. It is curious that the pioneer round was given start on another channel called simply FX being moved then to FXX then. The latest sophomore season was released beginning from September 9, 2015. Every chapter comes to be composed of 13 episodes with a usual duration constituting about 30 minutes.
As for the immediate inspirer of the project, his name is Stephen Falk. He is reckoned to be also the leader of the team of executives.
The acting cast comes to be composed of such central performers as Aya Cash and Chris Geere and the rival ones named Desmin Borges and Kether Donohue.
The series is noted for a summer debut as we have already mentioned and now is consisting of two installments being available on various online streaming resources.

Plot summary

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The story is reckoned to be hilarious and romantic shot from the perspective of only one camera. It is following two toxic, self-destructive people who lose their hearts to each other taking into account the fact that they are rather different in their nature.  So they try to build relationships. And these sometimes very unfortunate attempts come specifically here for portrayal. These central characters are named by the way Jimmy and Gretchen.

As for the commentaries coming from critics as well as form common watchers

The serial has been opened and accepted with flying flowers indeed. The sophomore installment has got even a larger number of favorable commentaries towards the way of presenting an exciting storyline as well as the brilliant performance of young actors and actresses.
On various websites, the serial is defined as a project with great perspectives. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes for instance more than 8 points out of 10.
As for the amount of viewership, the serial is not unfortunately notorious for great figures. The second chapter specifically is distinguished by the 60% decline in the number of watchers that has constituted about 300 thousand people.
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Following latest news

A considerable decline in the ranking seems to be accepted as a kind of a challenge by the developers as they renewed the serial as far back as at the start of December 2015. About two weeks ago, we became aware of the concrete launch day. So the You’re the Worst season 3 release date is going to be August 31 obviously this year.
In the upcoming installment Gretchen and Jimmy are to keep exploring the so unknown to them world of relationships. In order to get new information about the plot, stay tuned following our service.


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