You Me Her Season 2

Do you need some spiciness in your routine and boring life? Welcome to the everyday life of the pair consisting of three people who turn to be involved with each other though at first it has been supposed that such a partnership will be of a sexual type only.

Brief review

Related to the genre of the comedy, the series is a part of the programming list of Audience Network. The channel is not so popular as for instance CBS or HBO. Nevertheless, the project is unique and deserves attention. The thing is that it features the polyromantic involvements.
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The production is possible due to the brilliant work of such executives as Peter Jaysen, John Morayniss, Brat Peters, and Armand Leo. However, the leader of the behind-the-scene crew is John Scott Shepherd. The premiere of the first episode has been held in March 2016. The current amount of episodes equals ten parts.

Romantic yet spicy story

Jack and Emma are a married pair. One day, they set out on a sexual trip. They hire Izzy as the third one in their sexual life. The relationships among these three being sexual only at first then take a romantic shape.
Ultimately, they become romantically involved. Thus, it is not a casual marriage but already a full-fledged three-way partnership.

Favorable feedback

The romantic theme is not rare in various kind of stories now, no matter whether it is a comedy or a drama. Thus, viewers all over the world are supposed to be tired of the infinite set of narratives, which are as much alike as two peas in a pod. Herewith something new should be added to the plot in order to make it tackle the interest of people.
This is the case indeed. The series is an unexpected twist that is shocking in some way in the romantic genre. The negative response, however, could have been expected from the critical side. Nevertheless, they accepted the story with flying flowers.  And it is also surprising and proves the fact that people start to perceive polyamorous involvements as something more or less normal. Whether it is normal or not is another question for discussion. Our goal here is to clarify the issue of the series ratings.
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According to IMDb, the series is accepted as more than just a middling story with the scoring comprising about 7.5 points out of 10. The reviews are favorable, as we have already noted, but the viewership is not on a high level. The latter can be explained by the lack of the channel popularity.

Chances of revival

The uniqueness of the series storyline is probably the guarantee of the series future on Audience Network. Having received a positive response from the audience, the creators announced that the second and the third cycles of episodes would be released come rain or shine in the future.
Supposing that the possible launch timeframe of the second installment can be March 2017, we should expect the emergence of the You Me Her season 2 release date at the start of the following year.
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