Yonderland Season 3

Yonderland is a new British comedy that is aiming to mock at one housewife finding a new world in her kitchen cupboard. The plot is unique and interesting for following it. So join the team of this series fans and wait for the release of its third chapter later this year.

General description

Yonderland is a newcomer of the British channel called Sky1. By the genre being referred to comedies, the series is full of kind humor and can be watched by all members of a family.
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As for the creative team, the staff of it is rather diverse including such names as Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard, and Ben Willbond. All of them are performing certain parts as the members of the acting crew.
The team of producers, however, includes other names – Sioned Wiliam, Lucy Lumsden, Tim Bevan, Juliette Howell, Eric Fellner, and Saskia Schuster.
The first chapter was given its first airing in November 2013 while the second one saw the light of day in the preceding summer. Each season is composed of eight full episodes.

Plot summary

The narrative of the series concentrates on one housewife as she has found out one day that her kitchen cupboard is a door to another world. The fantastical elf appears in this door and the events are taking the mysterious shape from that moment.
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Why has he appeared in front of our housewife? The thing is that she is reckoned to be the chosen one lady who is destined to protect Yonderland, the realm behind the kitchen cupboard, from the evil Negatus.
Does it remind you something? Surely, it is our beloved Alice in Wonderland that is the background of this plot certainly changed in some way. Nevertheless, it remains worth watching it. And now, let’s get closer to the reception of the story.

As for ratings

Two seasons that are now under the belt of the series developers, delivered good rating numbers to the home channel. Thus, this can assure us that the serial following revivals can be taken for granted since the producers cannot afford just simply to refrain from such a profitable cinematography product. And here, the question of the resumption for the third season appears. Has it been already confirmed or not?
Yonderland Season 3 Cast

Following the news

The start of this year brought very inspiring news for the residents of the UK as they will be able to enjoy new episodes of their new beloved comedy under the title “Yonderland”.
The announcement was made through the official press release in January 2016 specifically. Practically all the actors and actresses are expected to reprise their roles with some new ones joining also the acting cast including famous actor and comedian Steven Fry who will play the character of Cuddly Dick.
The Yonderland season 3 release date remains so far unknown. Nevertheless, it is felt to be around the corner. In order to get to know it timely, it is recommended following our service.



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