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Now being already a legendary brand that has received a high appreciation all over the world, the project under the title “X-Files” is not scheduled and renewed for its eleventh season so far. So we are waiting for the inspiring positive news to come.


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The immediate leader of the behind-the-scenes crew is reckoned to be the one and the only Chris Carter.
As you know, the genre of the story is a horror action. It was broadcast in the timeframe 1993-2002 and then unexpectedly and much to the regret of the series fans, a long break was made in the story which had no closure and much hints at it being continued. The resumption was held only in 2015. Then the tenth season was launched, finally, at the end of January this year. It contained six entire episodes.
Thus, the viewers were in luck to enjoy the appearance of Chris Carter as an unchangeable developer and executive producer in cooperation with James Wong, Darin Morgan and Glen Morgan reprising their roles as scriptwriters. The production company is the same –20th Century Fox Television.
The principal star cast is composed of Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, and surely David Duchovny. It presents a curious fact that in the last two seasons Duchovny and Anderson have been rotated and now thea are coming back to their roles. The viewers, however, are very pleased by this news, as they think that it was a great mistake to replace them. Thus, currently the series cannot be imagined without these actors.
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What is about the plotline?

There are three main heroes in the story. They are Fox Mulder, Dana Scully and Walter Skinner. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the FBI officers who are attempting to investigate the strange events that happen to the city. They try to become those impediments to the unknown and horrifying forces.
Fox Mulder believes in the supernatural nature of the on-goings while Dana is much more skeptic about this. Thus, they come to be some kind of protagonists to each other.

Possible renewal of the series: date and other detail

X-Files Season 11 Cast Expectedly, the resumed series was a great success.  Just imagine that the premiere episode has garnered more than 16 million people united by the series in a certain period of time. Moreover, the number of viewers was increased to 21 million people when the online streaming was opened. So there is no doubting that it is nothing but a hitting reincarnation.
In spite of such great rating numbers, the creators are now still to shape the future of the series. Both Duchovny and Anderson are expressing their desire to participate in the filing of another season. What else should be a point for the developers to begin shooting the following season? Much more questions appear in the minds of the series fans while conceiving the fact that possibly they will have no opportunity to enjoy it. However, we have nothing to do but to  stay tuned and keep waiting for the inspiring and pleasing news to come.


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