X Company Season 3

X Company is a thriller TV series created together by Hungarian and Canadian filmmakers. The creators of the series are Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. The first season release date is the 18th of February 2015. The release was carried out by CBC TV.

The action of the series is set in the period of World War II, following five main characters – recruits training to become secret agents in a facility situated somewhere in the area of Lake Ontario. After the course of trainings, they are sent out to the battlefield. X Company season 3 release date has been announced already.

 X Company Season 3 date release 


X Company is a very emotional drama series with prominent characters. The action of the series revolves all the horrors and pains of the period of WWII. The world gets extremely dangerous and the necessity of covert operations and espionage increases. The series concentrates n lives of five talented recruits. They come from Canada, Great Britain and the USA. They decide to change their ordinary lives and turn into highly professional agents to work in one of the secret facilities in the area of Lake Ontario. They move across the battlefield, skillfully parachuting behind the lines of enemies and risk being tortured or executed. In every new episode, they participate in the hardest of operations.

X Company Season 3

Cast & Characters

  • Évelyne Brochu portrays the character of Aurora Luft. She has to be a team leader, though she’s not quite fond of it. Her aim is to become a sensible leader able to take right decisions.
  • Jack Laskey portrays is conscience and heart of the team named Alfred Graves. He’s got a perfect memory and he’s able to memorize numerous events and witnesses.
  • Warren Brown portrays a guy who’s always ready to follow any order named Neil Mackay. However, one day he has to kill a German soldier and it leaves a painful scar in his heart – the soldier was sensible and thoughtful, Neil was sure he didn’t deserve that.
  • Dustin Milligan portrays the character of Tom Cummings. In the course of the series, he gets a serious injury which prevents him from following the team. He is deeply impressed by horrors of Holocaust and this knowledge constantly haunts him even when he gets recovered and joins the team again.
  • Connor Price portrays the character of Harry James. One of the most idealistic and positive agents in the team. Once he makes a stupid mistake and accidentally betrays the team. He has to do his best to restore his authority together with former relationship and trust.
  • Hugh Dillon portrays the character of Duncan Sinclair. He’s able to not be influenced by any sort of pressure. He’s mentally strong and patient. However, it’s clear that deep inside his emotions are boiling. Most of all he cares for his son named William. He’s missing somewhere in the Pacific and Hugh has no idea about his fate.
  • Lara Jean Chorostecki portrays the character of Krystina Breeland. Experiences changes in personal and professional life after the return of Tom.
  • Torben Liebrecht portrays an always controlled and self-possessed Franz Faber. However, it feels that emotional state is on the edge.

X Company Season 3

3rd Season Air Date

The channel officially announced that season three will be released on the 11th of January 2017.

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