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Historical drama under the title “X Company” broke into the life of the admirers of this genre in 2015. And now it seems like staying in our hearts forever. Currently, we have the second season for viewing but it is not an impediment for looking forward to the third chapter.


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X Company is reckoned to be a TV product created by Canadian and Hungarian companies. The pioneer season was given a successful start in the previous year if to be more precise in the middle of February. The genre of the story is quite unusual. So it is a spy thriller with a historical narrative. The home channel for the series is reckoned to be CBC. Now we have the entire two chapters at our disposal. The second season was brought to screens at the end of January this year. So the viewers still have a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the new episodes.
And now let’s point put some information about the creators. So X Company is developed by Mark Ellis in collaboration with Stephanie Morgenstern. The productions companies are the following: Temple Productions and Pioneer Stillking Films.
It is curious that the pioneer season consists only of eight episodes while a second one is to have the entire eight episodes. This presents quite an inspiring news. Maybe in the third season, the number of parts will be increased as well? Let’s, at least, hope for it.

What is about the plot?

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The time of action is the World War II. The principal characters of the story are the recruits that are taught to become the special agents in order to accomplish a certain range of missions in Europe.
The actions of agents lead to them finding themselves in the heart of the occupied Europe. The crew of intelligence consisted of British, American, and Canadian soldiers should complete covert missions in very dangerous and thrilling conditions.  They become experienced and skilled professionals after being recruited and torn from their mundane everyday life in order to be trained in the shores of Ontario.
The core team of seven American, Canadian and British characters will participate in covert operations while the group dynamics also provide an important segment of the series’ drama.
They are the representatives of Camp X. They are carried from elegant hotels full of enjoyments to the war hell. They should cooperate in order to survive and fulfill their life duty.

Renewal predictions

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The debut in 2015 was a nothing but headway. More than 1 million viewers have expressed a desire to watch it. One million is now considered as a starting point as while the narrative has been unfolding, the rating numbers have been increasing considerably.
Unfortunately, there is no information about the future of the series but it is ver much like it is going to be renewed. However, so far we have no data about the X Company season 3 release date as well as about other details. At least there no reason for worrying now as it is too early for making conclusions. Stay tuned in order to be notified about the series outcome timely.


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