The Worst Witch Season 2

A joint work of British and German authors has recently been introduced in the form of a new series The Worst Witch, aimed at children’s audience. This story is known to many, because it is based on the book of the English writer Jill Murphy with the same name. This show aroused interest among many adults who were at the screen with their children, because here there are a number of amazing events related to the world of magic, and the cast is chosen so that the public instantly imbues with love for all the characters. The British television channel CBBC has not yet announced the date for the release of a new episode of the series, but the project has already come to an end, and young viewers are eagerly waiting for the second season premiere asking their parents the only question: when will The Worst Witch season 2 debut? Release date of season two hasn’t been mentioned yet, but its coming seems to be probable, as the rating of the show is quite high. If the situation doesn’t change, the creators are likely to return the project on the screen and the next renewed part will be shown in the near future.

Creators and Producers

The directors of this series are Brian Grant and Lindy Heymann, who have been working in cooperation. The main screenwriter is Emma Reeves, and the whole idea belongs to Jill Murphy, the writer from England.
The Worst Witch Season 2 date release

The first season air date was set for January 11, 2017. The pilot part included 13 episodes, and the last one was shown on March 29, 2017.

The crew of producers working for the audience to know the schedule of the second part as soon as possible consists of the following people:

  • Marcus Wilson;
  • Lucy Martin;
  • Arne Lohmann;
  • Nicole Keeb;
  • Brett Wilson;
  • Tamara Rothenberg.

Two companies producing The Worst Witch are CBBS Productions and ZDF; there are also two networks (British and German), that are going to broadcast the next part and present the following season release date – CBBS (Great Britain) and ZDF (Germany).
The Worst Witch Season 2

Plot Peculiarities

Mildred Hubble is a girl who lived a normal life until the witch with a broom accidentally appeared on her balcony. From this moment on, everything in the life of Mildred is changing, and she gets into the magical academy, where young witches are being trained. But not everything is going well and the entire girl’s efforts in the sphere of witchcraft, as a rule, do not lead to anything good, but bring only destruction. Without a doubt, she is the worst witch, but as everyone knows, there is always the opportunity to work on yourself and achieve better results.

The actors performing the cast of the show are:

  • Bella Ramsey;
  • Philip Martin Brown;
  • Meibh Campbell;
  • Clare Higgins;
  • Raquel Cassidy;
  • Jenny Richardson and some others.

The Worst Witch Season 2

Viewers’ Expectations and Series Rating

A new season won’t be presented until all the authors cone to the same decision concerning the renewal. But this may happen soon, as according to finale results, the show has got a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDB, and this figure is quite enough for the project to be renewed for another part. Stay tuned to know when the series new episodes are going to air and receive different interesting details about an upcoming story.

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