Through the Wormhole season 7

Through the Wormhole season 7 Release Date

Started half of a dozen years ago, The Science channel has given its fans permanent source of intriguing stories that was Through the Wormhole. Season 7 on August 30, 2016 will puzzle audience with a new episode. Revelations Entertainment and The Incubator both produced these incredibly interesting fact-based series featuring Morgan Freeman as a speaker.

Main info and idea

Appeared on Science in 2010, the series touched the deepest secrets of the universe. The questions cursed to have no answers due to the lack of scientific knowledge were put under discussion at last. How far can any field of study take one’s mind? Can those things like immortality or sixth sense be seen and proved? The seventh season release date was an exciting thing to know for many people. The script was made up by Kurt Sayenga, Rhys Thomas and Thomas Quinn.


Making the series, a famous US actor Morgan Freeman started a new way of his career. Through the Wormhole 7 season air date will be a start for further exploring the most arguable and fascinating themes. Freeman’s brilliant investigation shows how limited human perception is and how helpful natural sciences can be. Music composers working on series were Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea.

Most burning things

All stories discussed in the series, relate to the greatest interest one has during the lifetime. Does the Supreme Lord actually exist and rule the Universe? Is that possible to meet the alliances and come back? Are there any time corridors humans can move through? When will the Universe stop its existing if ever? Have you got any more questions you can’t leave unanswered? More than one can ask, viewers will see on Through the Wormhole.

When project runway appeared on Science, Freeman used to talk on the screen with blue background which later was changed to the darker one. Was that so called symbol of more intricate topics coming? Are they really able to give the series new allure?


Seventh season release was marked with a scientific investigation of terrorism phenomenon roots which can be hidden in brain physiology. Morgan Freeman’s team is trying to resist that aggressive disaster of modern world in that nontrivial way. Reaching the problem core through the wormhole the popular scientific series might be a finale word at the moment.

Next season premier date is the most hoped-for news for the millions of Science channel viewers.

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Through the Wormhole season 7 1
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Through the Wormhole S04E02 When Does Life Begin

Through the Wormhole S07E01 – What Makes a Terrorist?

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