Workaholics Season 7

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General Overview

Workaholics is a sitcom TV series created in the USA. The premiere episode was aired on the 6th of April, 2011 y Comedy Central. The series is created predominantly by the ones who star in it. They are Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm.  Season 6 of Workaholics began in January 2016 and has been continued for the seventh season, which is promised to be the last one in the series.
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Plot, Cast and Crew Details

The protagonists of the show get acquainted in college. Blake and Adam live together as roommates. Anders played the role of their resident advisor. Together they’re busy drinking, partying and pranking. They get to adulthood making practically no changes in their college-like habitual life. Their friendship continues not only in their “family” house, but also at their workspace. They become coworkers in a telemarketing company.
Actors and the main characters:

  • Blake Chesterfield Henderson portrayed by Blake Anderson. He’s the craziest and most uncontrollable unpredictable personality. But sometimes he can be sensible. He’s got curly long hair and a moustache.
  • Adam Dwayne DeMamp portrayed by Adam DeVine. He’s obnoxious, immature, impulsive. He is fond of himself but considered to be the most sensitive and emotional. He’s the one who can be called a party animal among three of them.
  • Anders "Ders" Torfinn Holmvik portrayed by Anders Holm. He’s responsible and, perhaps, the most reliable person among three of them. However, he’s very kind and na?ve. He’s easily misled, that’s why his dreams of becoming a member of the city council were destroyed by his debauchery. He’s a lot more materialistic than two of his friends and also he owns a car.

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The other actors in the cast are:

  • Maribeth Monroe as Alice Murphy
  • Jillian Bell as Jillian Belk
  • Kyle Newacheck as Karl Hevacheck
  • Erik Griffin as Montez Walker
  • Waymond Lee as Waymond Womano
  • Jesse Hudson as Jet Set
  • Billy Stevenson as Bill
  • Edward Barbanell as Bradley Murphy
  • Gil Harris as Gil

Facts and More

Workaholics Season 7 Cast

  • Blake Anderson and Adam DeVine lived in the same house where the show was filmed. They did it to save the money, cause they were sure the project would be a complete fail.
  • The show was getting more and more popular, which attracted celebrity guest characters like Ben Stiller and Jack Black.
  • All characters in Workaholics have the same names as the actors playing them.

Season 7 Release Date

In July 2015, Comedy Central decided to renew the series and made the official announcement. The seventh season is going to consist of 10 episodes and will be aired in 2016 and 2017. 76 episodes of the show has already been filmed by now.


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