Wonderland Season 4

Bad news has come to us this year with the formal announcement of the cancellation of the series titled “Wonderland”. So it turns out that there is no place for the fourth pack of episodes of this project in the programming list of Network Ten.

Sketching the project

The flash of love wrapped up in a comedy genre is always in vogue when choosing this theme for developing a multipart project. This is referred surely to the relatively new series under the title “Wonderland”.
Wonderland Season 4 Poster
It is an Australian product created by Jo Porter and Sarah Walker who know their onions when it comes to the production of stories that are related to this genre. These two are referred to the team of executives also.
The series is broadcasted in Australia on Network Ten and also universally including various European and North America countries.
The team of performers comes to be perfectly chosen – its members are named Michael Dorman, Jessica Tovey, Brooke Satchwell, and Emma Lung.
The fans of romantic comedies were lucky to start watching the pioneer circle at the end of summer 2013. Currently, the series has three rounds behind its belt with the latest one premiering in winter of the antecedent year. The third installment is compiled of 17 episodes with the duration being the entire hour.

Plot summary

Wonderland Season 4 Promo
Centering on the different stages of relationships, the series is depicting the lives of two young couples. Thus, there are four principal characters named Tom, Grace, Dani, and Colette.
At the first stage, they go through the challenge of staying alone for a considerable amount of time. Then they turn to passionate loving partners to each other. The third stage involves them getting already married.
The series can be accepted as something truly useful in fact as it shows how couples are balancing between carefree and often painful minefields with which love is packed.

Concerning the feedback

Right from the beginning of the release, it became quite sure that we were to deal with the project that would rather stick around as a settler on its original home channels.
What is defined as the most promising in the series is the work of its creative crew as well as the scrupulously and thus perfectly chosen cast.
Wonderland Season 4 Cast
To make a long story short, we should underline that through the whole run, the series is distinguished by favorable commentaries and reviews from critics that enable the developers to keep producing the series. But the decline in rating numbers exists here, to our regret.

Following sad news

Forgive us for delivering such bad news but as the twist of the fate proposes to us, the successful story is defined formally now as the canceled one. The reason for it is quite simple – a considerable decline in figures.
So there is no waiting for the appearance of any piece of info about the Wonderland season 4 release date if the developers do not decide to reincarnate it sometime in the future.


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