Witless Season 2

If you are a loyal follower of Witless, you can walk on air now, as the series has been already resumed for the sophomore chapter. While waiting for the exposal of the exact release date, let’s get closer to the very storyline of the sitcom and make a sketch of the whole project.

Project Outline

Witless is a new British comedy on BBC Three scripted by Joe Tucker and Lloyd Woolf who serve also as executives in harness with Gregor Sharp and Layla Smith.
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The acting crew is composed of Zoe Boyle, Kerry Howard, Nicholas Fruin, Tom Cawte, Samuel Anderson, T’Nia Miller, John Hodgkinson, and some others.
The series’ first and the latest premiere has been held in this April 2016. What is the future of the sitcom? Let’s return to this question a bit later.

Following the Central Storyline

The story touches the theme of a witness protection program. The two flat mates sharing the same apartment are about to move apart, as they cannot stand each other. At the next moment, they turn to become the witnesses of a gangland shooting.
Two young gangsters are sent to do away with them. This forces these frenemies to unite their powers, as they need each other greatly from that moment, having been put at risk of being murdered. So, they should rely on each other and enter the witness protection program.
The characters are so different with Rhona being straight-laced and Leanne being rather extravagant. Nevertheless, it contributes to the success of the hilarious story, having been built on the contrasts.

Audience Feedback

All critics and ordinary viewers are united in considering the sitcom a high-quality project. It is reckoned to be fast-paced and funny. The script is well developed while performance is highly professional. Zoe Boyle and Kerry Howard are doing their job with much prudence.
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The rating on IMDb is not as perfect as the reviews could imply – only 6.4 points out of 10. Yet it is sufficient in order to keep developing the story.
Surely, there are some flawed moments in the series that can be the object of criticism. However, all this is saved by the chemistry between Boyle and Howard.
How have you personally received this project? Is the humor good enough for you or not? What are your general impressions of the story? Share your thoughts with us using your opportunity to leave comments below!

As for the Latest News

Great news for those who is still not aware of the situation with this sitcom. The thing is that it has been already commissioned for the second installment, as for today.
The duo will come to understanding that their house is not a safe place for them. What are they going to do? We will be able to get to know this in the continuation of the story.
The Witless season 2 release date is not near in coming off yet it can appear next year that is already not so far from us. Keep your ears out for info following our service and you won’t miss a thing!


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