Winners and Losers Season 6 Release Date

Winners and Losers Season 6 Release Date


First and foremost, let’s clarify that officially Winners and Losers was cancelled by Seven Network – the Australian cable channel. However, the big bosses of the channel read the feedback of thousands of fans of the show all over the world and think about renewing the TV series for the definitely final season.

However, for now there is no official confirmation of Winners and Losers season 6 release date on any press-release from the Seven Networks. There are rumors about the reboot of the show for the American television.


If the show is renewed you will see in Winners and Losers season 6 episode 1 the cast of such actresses and Actors – Melissa Berglend, Virginia Gay, Zoe Takvell Smith, Melanie Valleho, Blair McDonough, Tom Wren, Dennis Scott, Damien Bodie, Francis Greenslade and Jack Pierson. Nicholas Bufalo, Pino Amenta, Ian Gilmour are also eager to return as major writers and producers of the TV show.


Sometimes you want to throw in the fate of some people’s lives good luck that they did not even wait. So it was with the four friends in Winners and Losers season 1. The life changed for four girls in one day, when they hit the jackpot in the lottery. Beck was tired of the constant bickering with her boyfriend and, maybe, in this happy day for herself she finally realized that you need to start living in peace. Francis business went up the hill: it was able to take her business to another level.

And, most importantly, it is understood that it is not necessary to be a successful business woman one! Sophie, who grieved at the death of her fianc?, found the strength to start a new life. Even Jenny transformed right before our eyes and become more confident in themselves and their abilities. Does this mean that these four girls became winners? Or fate has its own plans?

Interesting Facts

  • Winners and Losers is an Australian TV dramatization series first telecasted on the Seven Network on the 22nd of March in 2011;
  • It was made by the makers of Packed to the Rafters and is circulated in the show’s previous time space;
  • The last for this time fifth season of WInners and Losers was affirmed on 3 December 2014;
  • A pilot episode for the project was made and appeared to an exploration bunch. System Seven’s then-head of show, John Holmes, said the examination created the desire of high ratings.

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