Winners & Losers. Let the Right One In Release Date

Winners & Losers. Let the Right One In Release Date


That serial is rather lively, as you can even imagine. To understand the main idea, you must watch it from the first season. And then you will come to the fifth. We advise it for you, because it is very easy to watch and enjoy.


To understand, that this serial is really good, look to the list of actors, who play here:

  • Melissa Bergland is in the role of Jenny Gross.
  • Virginia Gay as Frances James.
  • Demi Harman as Riley Hart.
  • Melanie Vallejo in the role of Sophie Wong.
  • Sarah Grace as Bridget Fitzgerald.
  • Nathin Butler as Luke MacKenzie.
  • James Saunders in the role of P-Dog Pete.
  • Nick Russell as Gabe Reynolds.
  • Paul Moore as Wes Fitzpatrick.
  • Scott Smart in the role of Alex MacKenzie.
  • Nicholas Bell has the role of Keith Maxwell.
  • Rachel Maza has the role of Veronica Sewell.
  • Nick Carrafa plays the role of Cliff Boyes.
  • Nathan Carter as Jeff Comer.
  • Joshua Hine as Dan Fawkner.

The director of the film is Fiona Banks and the writer is Emma Gordon.


Sometimes the destiny is so unusual and unpredictable, that people couldn’t even imagine, what will happen next. Such a mystery was with the main characters of the serial “Winners and Losers”. Here you can see how the life of four beautiful girls was changed. They win the lottery!

Back is really tired of every day quarrels with her boyfriend and in such a good and lucky day, she understood, that she can change her life into a good side. Frances realized, that her business can come to the higher level and everything, that she can do is to make some efforts. But the most important idea is that she realized, that successful lady mustn’t be alone – there are a lot of possibilities to find a man. Sophie, who was very upset after the death of her boyfriend, understand, that she mustn’t cry, because the destiny brings her a chance to be happy. And even Jenny become more self-confident.

Is it true, that such destiny gesture can change their lives greatly? Or is it just a game? To know the truth, you must watch it as soon as possible.


Not every person knew, that such film was made in Australia. The release date to the fifth season was on 5th July 2016. We guarantee, that such serial will be very interesting for people of all ages. Especially exciting it will be for girls and woman.

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