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That story will excite because here you can see a lot of people, who didn’t give up. Despite all the complications on their road to success, they reach the best results and that`s really cool.


Here a lot of talented people will show you the perfect play. Among them we can name:

  • Andre Agassi.
  • Boris Becker.
  • Chris Evert.
  • Steffi Graf.
  • Billie Jean King.
  • Rod Laver.
  • John Mcenroe.
  • Martina Navratilova.
  • Pete Sampras.
  • Venus Williams.

The producer of the serial is Robert Lindsay.


Before you watch the serial, it would be better, if you read all the information about it. In the center of the plot, you can see Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, which was held in the year of 1877. In that time, it was a real sports event, but here wasn’t any special decoration, so the feeling of competition wasn’t clear.

Pay attention, that in the year of 1877 only men play tennis and also there weren’t any categories. There were only 22 players and that was the first tournament, which was organized by the sports organization. In such film, you will know everything about remarkable events. Also, you will have an opportunity to understand all the mysteries of the aristocratic game.


There are a lot of interesting facts about this film. For example, we must say, that the heroes play the roles of themselves. So that’s why such serial will be interesting to watch again and again. The genre of the film is documental and the country, where it is created, is the UK. In future, there will be 3 or 4 seasons, so the fans will be satisfied. The duration of one episode is 52 minutes. And the most important information, which you must take into account, is that the release date will be April 2018. So if you want to enjoy this serial, you must wait for a little and it will appear on the movie screens and in the internet resources.

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