Wild West Alaska Season 5

Wild West Alaska Season 5 Release Date

Animal Planet should decide when the next Wild West Alaska season air date will emerge.

Animal Planet channel makes now the hardest decision ever: a Wild West Alaska new episode – to be or not to be. 

What is that?

Animal Planet has been broadcasting Wild West Alaska since 2013. The first season premiere appeared on January 13. The producer is Jupiter Entertainment in cooperation with a cast of Matt Sprouse, Stephen Land and Ben Shank, Rich Hansil, Hank Stapleton and Paul Donvito. 

The episodes are devoted to a shop proprietor Jim West who had a small team in his Wild West Guns. But be careful, it’s not just a store. We invite you to visit the most famous and successful shop of weapons in Alaska. One cannot imagine life there without at least small gun in a bag. Wear-anywhere Wild West Guns offers a various range of weapons from small to big, from cheap to expensive. The team works there with no sudden events as one can think, but sometimes a gun shoots there.

The latest season and the following one

The series had gained its’ popularity with almost no criticism till the editor decided to make some little changes in the format and the cast. He decided to shift from natural manner to something extraordinary which viewers didn’t appreciate. But still it has a bit more than a million fans. The last episode of the series appeared this year late in January where you can see if the producer had shifted the emphasis again.

The season release date of the Wild West Alaska is unknown yet, but we will inform you as soon as it will be announced.

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