Wicked City 1 Season Release Date

Wicked City 1 season release date

Wicked City 1 season release date was announced by ABC. Check the details below.

When to expect for Wicked City 1 episode 1 premiere?
In the center of each season of their investigation of the crime is committed on the streets of Los Angeles. But everything starts in 1982 when one kind of got into the habit to kill pretty frivolous ladies, who are not averse to carousing with a stranger.

Wicked City 1 season release date was announced by ABC

The new detective series by ABC will focus on the most high-profile crimes in Los Angeles. Wicked City checks what crimes are committed in this city of many thousand citizens. The creators of the project decided to withdraw some seasons. Each will be treated in the same case. At first, the audience will experience the atmosphere of the distant 80th. Twentieth century. In those days in Los Angeles, there was a bloodthirsty maniac. The criminal hunted only for prostitutes. He managed to take a lot of lives, was very resourceful and cunning. To search for him had to gather the best minds and most experienced experts. The situation is complicated by the fact that women of easy virtue not like to cooperate with the law.

Wicked City 1 season release date is expected on October 27, 2015. Follow our updates to find out.
Wicked City 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD will happen at the end of 2015.
While waiting watch Wicked City 1 season trailer:

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