White Rabbit Project Season 2

White Rabbit Project Season 2 Release Date


White Rabbit Project is a great serial, which has the scientific and documental elements. Here you will see the journey of the Rabbit to different places. The season premiere allured people of different ages. The White Rabbit Project 2 Season release date was on the 9th of December in the year of 2016, so now everybody can watch it. And the season air date is also very good.


When there is a need to present the cast of actors, here we must say, that a lot of people work on it. The main heroes are:

  • Grant Imahara.
  • Tory Belleci.
  • Kari Byron.
  • Ethan Galvin.
  • Paul Godfrey.
  • Craig Walker.
  • Greg Gage.

Among the producers we must underline Ethan Galvin, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, Elizabeth Daley, Devin Griffin, Nathaniel Growling, Grant Imahara, Martyn Ives, Hildie Katibah, Keenan Sparks Knight, John Luscombe, Adam McFarlane, James Ryan, Ryan Senter, Yvette Solis, John Tessier, Adam Toltzis, Paco Mendoza.


Here in the center of attention, you will see the team of new reality shows Netflix, consisting of Salvatore Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. All these people are well-known for his work on Mythbusters. But here in this serial, they will explore the strange and wonderful things, which are related to popular culture, science, and history. Here the super technologies will be shown, the secrets of robbery will take place and crazy weapons from the Second world war will occur.

So, as you can understand, the new serial will have a lot of similarities with the Mythbusters and the main topic of experiments characters take from the Internet. A lot of new ideas and the decisions of them will be shown, so it will be very interesting for people of different ages.


In order to make the show interesting, the main characters will present you the new discoveries all the time – it helps him to be exciting for people of all the ages. They make the best efforts to be in the center of attention, so adult people and children really like to watch it.

The new episode of the second season will be more dazzling – here the new problems will be solved. So, when watching it, you will have a great delight and nobody will interfere you to take easy and to relax a little. You will adore this show anyway, even if some moments will be dull.

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White Rabbit Project S01E02: Jailbreak

White Rabbit Project Season 1 (2016) with Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci Movie

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