What Would You Do Season 12

If you are a fan of reality shows, you should be aware of the existence of such project as “What Would You Do?” that has been aired on TV screens since 2008 and now at its 11th stage. All the viewers are looking forward also to the regular renewal of the series for another chapter.

Basic info about the legendary show

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What Would You Do? is considered to be a reality show in the form of the serial broadcast on the ABC channel. People who are participating in it do not know that they are shot by hidden cameras.
The serial is created by such filing companies as ABC News and Square Productions. The executive crew is composed of one person named Danielle A. Rossen. The scenario is created by Clem Taylor, Art Rubalcava, Eric M. Strauss and Ann Varney. The showrunner is reckoned to be John Qui?ones. The pioneer season was brought to TV screens as far back as in 2008.
The show cast includes such stars as Diana Henry, Jeremy Holm, Traci Hovel, Hassan Goding, and a lot of others.

Plot summary

The serial is, by the way, founded on a magazine titled “Primetime”. But now the publishing of the magazine of ABC is brought to a sudden stop. That’s why the reality serial should be developed in its own way.
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So what is the essence of this reality project? The thing is that some situations are created on purpose. These situations in public places are supposed to inflict various kinds of emotions and feelings in people. All these on-goings are filmed stealthily by experienced inconspicuous operators and hidden cameras.
Then recorded results are brought to great discussions with the participation of the immediate witnesses of the events together with such experts as teachers and psychologists.
Thus, the show is quite interesting for viewers as it provides us with thoughts about our way of behavior in the familiar situations.

What is about the level of popularity?

In the beginning of the show, the ratings were so high that the developers had nothing to do but to get traction in the further producing of the show. However, in several years, the show seemed like becoming boring for viewers as the ratings were decreasing with the time. Let’s compare the numbers. The total amount of viewers with the release of the pioneer season counted about 8 million people, and now the latest eleventh season audience volume constitutes only 2 million.
The number of negative commentaries is also growing as both critics and common viewers consider the situations in which people turn to be set very unethical. Thus, in order to get back the original level of the popularity, the developers should change something in the scenarios as well as diversify them.
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When can we expect the release of the twentieth season?

So far, there is no information about the What Would You Do? Season 12 release date as well as about the feasibility of the serial resumption. Stay tuned in order to receive all important kind of information about the show straight from the horse’s mouth.


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