What is the Release Date for Yonderland, Season 2?

What is the release date for Yonderland, season 2
What is the release date for Yonderland, season 2? Many fans of this unusual TV show ask this questions since the first season was quite a success.
The TV channel Sky1 announced the great news for all fans of the new comedy series Yonderland. It was confirmed that the creators of the series and the channel decided to extend the series for the second season.

In the second half of 2014, they will start the production and shooting of new episodes of the fantastic adventures of an ordinary housewife Debbie in her own version of Wonderland.
The release date for Yonderland, season 2 is rumored
The release date is not known for sure, but Sky1 promised viewers they would be able to watch the second season of “Yonderland” in 2015.
Did you like the first season of Yonderland? Do you expect for the next season?

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