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Westworld Season 2 Release Date


Westworld is a science serial with fiction elements. It was made and produced in America. The season premiere was in the year of 2016 and in a little time the second season is available for everyone. The Westworld 2 Season release date is the 16th of November in the year of 2016.


The cast to that serial is really outstanding. Here it is important to say about such characters, as:

  • Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton.
  • Jeffrey Wright and James Marsden.
  • Ed Harris and Bradley Fisher.
  • Simon Quarterman and Tessa Thompson.
  • Oliver Bell and Izabella Alvarez.
  • Eddie Shin and Brian Howe.
  • Paul Fox and David Douglas.
  • Christopher Gerse and Alex Urbom.
  • Andrew Constantini and Eric Shackelford.
  • Lane Smith Jr.
  • Michael Wincott and Bradford Tatum.
  • Chris Browning and Gina Torres.
  • Sheldon Coolman and Shvona Lavette Chung.
  • Joshua Sawtell and Craig Michaelson.
  • Tyler Parks and Christopher Cedeno.
  • Charlie Hopkins and Carlos E. Campos.
  • Bobby Rasmussen and Tom Proctor.
  • Tina Grimm and Cynthia Dallas.
  • Frantz Durand ad Ryan Groves.
  • Jamie Soricelli and Greg Wayne.
  • Alexander Wraith and Will Pinson-Rose.
  • Bruno Gunn and Bret Porter.
  • Regi Davis and Jose Rosario.
  • Mathieu Mingo and Robert Allen Mukes.
  • Nathalia Castellon and Liam Cronin.
  • Granville Ames and Jeffrey Muller.
  • Jenny Lin and Kelly Richardson.

The serial is directed by Johnathan Nolan, Fred Toye, Jonny Campbell, Michelle MacLaren, Stephen Williams, Vincenzo Natali. The producers are J. J. Abrams, Lisa Joy, Athena Wickham, and Susan Ekins.


The events of the new season took place in the Western amusement park, which is populated by the big amount of hosts. Here you will see a lot of advanced androids, who want to kill the humans. During the whole Story, you will see wealthy patrons and the guests have a great opportunity to live in a fantasy. Here are no repercussions for guests, so the real world will be shown. Also here in the new episodes appear the most outstanding stars, as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright.


The duration of one new episode can be different – it can last from 57 until 91 minutes.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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