Westworld 1 Season Release Date

Westworld 1 season release date

Westworld 1 season release date was finally announced. What to expect from this long-anticipated movie?
Back in November 2013 it was reported that the company director and producer JJ Abrams remove new fiction series based on the eponymous film in 1973. When will the Westworld 1 season be released?
And that’s only in November 2014 there was an official information on this subject from the channel HBO. The well-known company Bad Robot (created by JJ Abrams) will work together on this project with the body of Warner Bros. Television. The script will create a new show Jerry Weintraub and directed by Jonathan Nolan.

Westworld 1 season release date was finally announced

It is worth noting that the film Westworld was released on November 21, 1973, from director and screenwriter Michael Crichton. The plot is told about an amusement park in the near future, where people can realize their fantasy any horrible using androids for the price of $ 1,000 per day. Next robots raise their rebellion and begin to hunt for people.
Previously, there was an attempt to transfer the film to the small screen with the series Beyond Westworld that received only one season in 1980.

Westworld 1 season release date was confirmed for Fall of 2015.
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