Wentworth Season 5

Brief Review

Made as a crime drama, Wentworth is represented as an Australian series airing on the Soho channel since May 2013. It features women who have been unlucky to enter the prison system. Four seasons are available for our viewing, as of today. The latest season release date is considered May 10, 2016.

It is a revamped series created on the basis of the show, which ran in the previous century. The project under discussion comes to be developed by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam. The action takes place in the present times. The acting cast includes the following names:

 Wentworth Season 5 date release 

  • Danielle Cormack,
  • Celia Ireland,
  • Kate Atkinson,
  • Shareena Clanton,
  • Pamela Rabe and others.

Following the Narrative

Bea Smith is convicted of her spouse’s attempted murder. He turns to be sent to the prison called Wentworth. There a woman is waiting for the verdict. While expecting the sentencing, she has to follow the fierce life rules behind bars. Yet this is only one character. The entire list of them, poor women at prisons, can be composed. The story makes us dive into the harsh world behind bars where only the strongest ones can survive.

Wentworth Season 5

Is It Favorably Accepted?

The drama has been positively accepted by critics and ordinary watchers, as well as has won various awards. The viewership is decent constituting almost 1.7 million watchers per each new episode when broadcasting in the United Kingdom. In Australia, the numbers from launches are rather poor. On IMDb, the score is perfect, nevertheless. This inspires us to believe in the series bright future.

Wentworth Season 5

Current Status

According to the summer updates, the series is going to return to the small screen shaped in the fifth season next year. This great news was exposed after the finale of the latest installment was given a start. The next installment will include 12 episodes and this cannot but please the true fans of this drama. The upcoming airing is scheduled for the next year but the Wentworth season 5 release date remains to be still unfolded. Do you wait for the exposal of the new season air date? What are your impressions from the fourth season premiere arranged this year? Is the story still worth its developing? Share your thoughts and stay tuned with us if you are hungry for more updates!

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