Wentworth Season 5 Release date

Wentworth Season 5 Release Date


Wentworth (series 5, release date — pending) is TV series of an Australian production. The main genre of the how is drama. The series was premiered in the springs of 2013. The show is inspired by Prisoner that was shown for the first time in the late 1970. The creators of the show are D. Hannam and L. Radulovich. It tells a story about Bea Smith and how her life in prison.

The seasons 1-3 were filmed in Clayton, Victoria. The season 4 was filmed in Newport, Victoria, where the following seasons are planned to be filmed as well. The season 4 debuted on 10 May 2016. Currently, the season 5 is being filmed and is expected to be shown in 2017.


The main cast of the series includes:

  • Danielle Cormack,
  • Kate Jenkinson,
  • Catherine McClements,
  • Bernard Curry,
  • Katrina Milosevic,
  • Nicole da Silva,
  • Kate Atkinson,
  • Shareena Clanton,
  • Aaron Jeffery,
  • Leeanna Walsman,
  • Robbie Magasiva,
  • Kris McQuade,
  • Pamela Rabe,
  • Celia Ireland,
  • Socratis Otto,
  • Tammy Macintosh.

The recurring cast of the series includes:

  • Jacqueline Brennan,
  • Ra Chapman,
  • Luke McKenzie,
  • Maggie Naouri,
  • Georgia Flood,
  • Charli Tjoe,
  • Georgia Chara,
  • Martin Sacks,
  • Reef Ireland,
  • Pia Miranda,
  • Tony Nikolakopoulos,
  • Toni Briggs,
  • Annie Jones,
  • Sally-Anne Upton,
  • Libby Tanner,
  • Cassandra Magrath,
  • Hunter Page-Lochard,
  • Bessie Holland,
  • Madeleine Jevic,
  • Steve Le Marquand,
  • Edwina Samuels,
  • Ally Fowler,
  • Kathryn Beck,
  • Jake Ryan,
  • Steve Bastoni,
  • Lynette Curran,
  • Alex Menglet,
  • John Bach.

Sigrid Thornton has been a special guest of the series.


The series is about Bea Smith. The woman has been charged with an attempt to murder her husband and this is how she appears in jail. She has a daughter, but due to harsh circumstances they are separated and Bea is brought to Wentworth. Her life changes significantly. Now she has to learn the new rules and cope with other people. There are also other characters shown in the series that, the same as Bea, have to survive in jail. Will the woman able to survive in cruel conditions?


The critics’ reviews about the show were mainly positive. The episode 1 of the show has attracted 0.244 million viewers and has become one of the most popular premieres of Foxtel. The show has been broadcasted in many countries, including the UK and New Zealand. In the UK, episode 1 has attracted 1,670,000 viewers.

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