Welcome to the Sweetie`s Pies Season 7


On OWN channel Welcome to the Sweetie`s Pies Season 7 started to launch.

Welcome to the Sweetie`s Pies is an American reality TV season premiere, which will show the life of Ikette Robbie Montgomery. Also in the center of attention, you will see a set of food restaurants by the name “Sweetie`s Pies”.


In that serial, you will have an opportunity to see the beautiful cast of people. In the center, there will be only one character. And here you will see the people, who have the most important roles in his life. So, if you would like to enjoy that serial, you will see:

  • Jenae Wallick in the role of Charles Crenshaw.
  • Michelle as Zevi Wolmark.
  • Jenae Norman as Monique.
  • Tim Norman as Robbie Montgomery.
  • Stefan Prater as Danielle.

The executive producers are Craig Piligian, Melodie Calvert, Jeff Keane, Tim Breitbach, Steve Luebbert.


The main role in such serial Robbie Montgomery play. He began his career in 1960. He just started to work as Ikette.  It was just a group of backers, who like the work in such branch and are so happy to see Tina Turner in the restaurant.

Then not so good situation is caused by him. His lung was collapsed and he must leave his work because of bad health condition. But, Robbie didn’t give up. He believed, that when he will be healthy, he will open his own backer house, in which there would be a lot of clients all over the world.

So, when the time has gone, he decides to open Sweetie`s Pies, the place, in which a lot of people want to be. His family is rather good because each member wants to help him to make the dream come true. Yes, it wouldn’t be so easy, because he needs the finance and the help of other backers, but when a strong person has a dream, there is nothing, that can interfere him and that’s good.

The business is not an easy thing, so in such season you will see all the problems and difficulties, which must be overcome.


People, who want to open their own businesses, must be very attentive. That serial will help to understand the main mistakes and also it will show the situations, in which you must be more attentive. Also, that season is really pleasant – beautiful actors and scenes will put your mood to the high.

The duration of one new episode is about 40-43 minutes. So you can see an episode per day.  The Welcome to the Sweetie`s Pies 7 Season release date is the 27th of October this year. When we talk about season air date, we can use the same information.

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